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Are you looking for more information about buying wholesale pallets and truckloads of name brand liquidation merchandise including, but not limited to: handbags, apparel, jewelry, home décor, tools, electronics, general merchandise, furniture etc? Our business to business (B2B) website, The Closeout Industry, will provide the information you have been looking for!

You have stumbled upon our website having typed into your browser something relating to wholesale and/or liquidation merchandise…now it is time to bookmark this address because there are well over 215 articles, which will assist you with your pursuit of below wholesale inventory. I know all of the “tips and tricks” when it comes to sourcing liquidation merchandise….and I am willing to share them with you.

I am a successful eBay reseller, retail store owner and work with several exporters moving name brand merchandise worldwide. I love to share my experience and have written a few books showing entrepreneurs how buying “below wholesale” can really be profitable!

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I am passionate about the wholesale liquidation industry and I spend a great deal of time writing articles for other websites and industry related blogs:


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What exactly is liquidation merchandise?

The traditional way to operate a retail business is simply find wholesale distributors to buy from and, of course, buy inventory to resell, right?

But how do you compete as a small retailer with all of the other larger stores that are selling name brand merchandise? How do you get your foot into the door without purchasing hundreds of thousands of dollars? All of the national name brand manufacturers require huge out of pocket wholesale purchases often at price points that will not offer you, the small retailer or eBay seller, the opportunity to be competitive with the big box stores like Walmart, Kmart, Costco, Sears etc. So what do you do?

Learn how to buy overstock, shelf pulls and customer returned items direct from the biggest competitors! All of the major retail chain stores liquidate what they cannot sell. This is your opportunity to buy national name brand merchandise at unheard of pricing! Pricing so low you will wonder why you have not taken advantage of this opportunity sooner. I buy below wholesale from some of the nations largest discount retailers and then I turn right around and resell this merchandise in my store and on eBay.

You can do the same thing and this website will explain all of the details!

Kitchenware Pallets
as low as $99.00

Brand Name Handbags
as low as $4.00 each

The above examples are just a few of the deals I come across using my liquidation sources. You can find pallets and truckloads of merchandise from wholesale liquidators or you can buy direct from the sources who are liquidating this stock. Where do you think your lowest pricing will be found? You can skip the brokers and liquidators who would love to sell you the merchandise above at marked up pricing!

While my examples above are typical in the closeout and liquidation industry, you must know where to look. The old saying, “whats here today, is gone tomorrow” holds true in the liquidations industry. Take some time to read through our blog and if you really want to get a jump start, check out my 121 page guide to the liquidation industry entitled, The Liquidators Guide, where I expose everything you need to know to become a liquidation buying expert!

The Liquidators Guide! - 121 pages of purchasing information & liquidation sources in a fact-filled guide that wholesalers and liquidation brokers do not want you to get your hands on! I have been buying and reselling wholesale liquidation merchandise for ten years...and I am going to share my knowledge with you!

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