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Amazon.com Wholesale Customer Returns

Thanks for the great book and the great blog. I have been selling liquidated merchandise full time for a little over a year and I have been dabbling with it a couple of years before that. Like you I have had my ups and downs but I am starting to get on the right track. Anyways, since you are a little more seasoned than I am, I thought I would ask you this question since I have virtually reached a complete stopping point after many efforts.

A few months back I would buy several pallets of “onlinereturns” pallets from the Indiana Liquidation.com warehouse. As you are probably already aware, these are Amazon.Com returns. These are the best returns in the business if you ask me. I was bidding on several pallets weekly which would add up to a truckload every week. The problem with these pallets is that everyone wants them and consequently, the bids started getting so high that they weren’t even worth buying anymore because there was no profit potential. I then decided to contact Liquidation.Com to try to see if I could purchase truckloads of these before they got listed, I called them several times, sent them many emails about this, and to this day, I still haven’t got a response or when I do get a response, its like “I’ll check on that and get back with you” and then they never do. So I decided to try to contact Amazon to see if I could buy them direct, this experience was worse than Liquidation.com, the customer service people didn’t know what I was asking and then someone gave me their corporate address so I could write them a letter to request this, and I did but of course I got no reply.

I was wondering, with your many years of experience, if you know of the person or company who deals with Amazon.Com returns directly. I assume its some large reverse logistics company but I cant find out who, this is the biggest mystery I have had so far, its like more mysterious than a black hole. I hate to ask you the direct source for stuff like this because I know this is an annoying question that people ask because they don’t want to do the work to find out their selves, but believe me, I have done my homework. Do you happen to have any info on this?


Thank you for the question, and no, I do not mind receiving requests to provide direct sources. I certainly know how hard it is to track down suppliers. I want you to know that I have spent some time performing my own research looking for Amazon.com pallets and truckloads with little luck. I have talked with a few of my friends across the United States who are very well “connected” and they are just as stumped as I am. My hunch is that Liquidation.com has the exclusive contract with this online retail giant.

Lets open this up to our blog readers and see if anyone has information that would prove otherwise. Is there anyone out there that can help us locate the source for Amazon.com customer returns?

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  • Vada Baldwin

    I Need Help and I think you can help thanks Vada

  • Mystery Man

    Well, I have come looking myself for the same source. i did not even know someone could buy in large quanities from amazon, however I can say the reason I am looking is because i know that yall are wrong with Liquidation being the sole contract. The retail outlet i work at gets second hand merchandise and they buy out stores that had water damage, smoke damage etc. I have been there for over 3 weeks now and everyday we are getting upwards of 50 pallets of amazon customer returns. Today i went through the warehouse and the pallets from amazon were vast. My boss does ebay on the side as well and says he has many great sources after working for this company. Today i asked him, i said i didnt know amazon sold customer returns like this, and at the price they were getting it for. i said how does it work? He said yea they do and went on to the next conversation. Now hes not real tied in with the big wigs, but he is sneaky and i dont trust him. I know he found out what is up, but he wont share. I couldnt buy like they do, spending 20k to 100k per order but would love a few of these pallets. Example, one pallet was iMac 5′s i think they were called. the wholesale price was 1,7xx.xx dont rememeber exact number, and we paid 31% of the wholesale price so 20-300 bucks a piece. Im not sure what the retail is yet but sure its over 2k. What a deal. They purchased over 20 k in those alone. I want some of this, I cant keep up on liquidation anymore. So there is a way, but I am thinking you need to be a big spender such as liquidation, or the company i work for. they will sp[end a million dollars at a time on some stock.

  • stacy baria

    would like to purchase truck load deals

  • Parrish

    This source has now dried up at liquidation.com as well. The seller that use to sell amazon product (onlineretruns) seems to have moved from liquidation.com. Does anyone know where they moved to? or what liquidator is now handling the Amazon product? We are specifically looking for the truckloads or pallets of Books that they use to sell.

  • jason

    boostliquidation.com out of asheville, nc also sells amazon returns. they used to let you pick what you wanted for 20 cents on the retail dollar. now it is take a pallet of whatever category for 25 cents on the dollar.

  • Michael

    There is a guy named Phil from Loads4less.com that had a bead on these loads. I know they were buying 20-30 truckloads a month full of amazon returns. Their site isn’t very big, so I’m not sure if they do much through that, but at least it’s a good way to contact him. http://www.loads4less.com.

  • i have truckloads and pallets of the amazon.com loads as much as you need. Please feel free to contact me ed@dynamitedeals.net

  • I can supply these online return loads as well. I purchase direct, so we cut out the middleman. I get approx 75 – 100 trucks per month. This is a constant flow of product – ongoing opportunity that you can inspect. Send me an email and let’s discuss todd@essextechgroup.com

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