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Buy Below Wholesale – Electronics from Circuit City Direct – Pallets & Truckloads!

I started reviewing all of my direct contacts for Closeout and surplus merchandise and then I hear today that both Circuit City and Blockbuster are all over the news. Apparently the Blockbuster corporation has set it sights on acquiring the chain electronics store. I guess due to the competition from Netflix and other online video rental companies Blockbuster has a plan to diversify in the home electronics market. Have you purchased customer returned pallets of Circuit City electronics from a Broker? Have you searched for the direct contact information for Circuit City? Did you know they operate their own liquidation department where you can purchase and bid on excess and customer returned merchandise?

CC Liquidation Website

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  • J & S Liquidation

    Why buy from surplus warehouses? They only offer salvage merchandise that may or may not work. Items could be damaged and are sold as-is. Don’t take that risk!Buy from J & S Liquidation. We guarantee that we will supply your business with All New wholesale merchandise with no shipping fee. All shipping for any order is FREE! We offer single item, case, and pallet purchases. For those who aren’t sure where to begin when starting their business, we offer excellent start-up packages. We are here to suit your needs. If you’re looking for a wholesaler, look no further!

  • Jan williams

    Hello J & S Liquidation,

    I am interested in purchasing pallets of electronics and other items. Please provide me some info as to what is available and the cost.
    Thank you,


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