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Buying Specific High End Brands

A question was posed a few days ago by email from someone who has some very specific inventory needs. I have addressed his questions below….

I am thinking about exporting shelf pull apparel and designer bags, belts, wallets outside of the USA. I would like this merchandise to be new with tags and I would like to select brands. I am interested in Guess, Coach, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Victoria Secrets. The wholesalers that I have talked to only offer mixed merchandise and of course it is not as cheap as buying directly from the department store.

Pricing is very important to my business. In my country there are many wholesalers that sell similar merchandise for very little, and for me to enter that market I have to have similar pricing or even better prices. I know that my competitors have to be buying from direct sources. I have spent hours on internet, but unfortunately I cannot find information I need for my exporting business.

Is is possible to buy directly from a store selecting only the brands I am interested in? Can you explain what is the Federated merchandise that everybody is talking about?

The best answer…yes, and no. Just about every department store that liquidates stock is interested in one thing…moving merchandise as quickly as possible. To do this items are typically sorted into a few categories and then resold at low pricing. For example, In the apparel category you might find clothing, accessories and jewelry. It is best to ask what types of items you might find prior to making a purchase in any one category.

You can read about the Federated chain of department stores HERE. When most liquidation buyers refer to Federated they are talking about Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s merchandise.

As far as purchasing quantities of a certain brand name, the liquidation department of Federated will at times sell brand specific lots. Stock is not available ongoing and you must act quickly when a pallet becomes available. I know historically one of the brand specific lots a liquidation buyer could acquire was Tommy Hilfiger.

West Coast off-price wholesaler, DLM is one of the few companies that will sell liquidation lots of your chosen brand name. They will even take your request for specific size ranges! Give them a call to see how they can help your business.

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  • Vera Ngole

    Hi. I am looking to buy brand name bags for resale. I have been to liquidation.com, but was wondering if anyone could give me information and buying Federated Goods. If you carry these products, I would gladly buy from you! Please contact me at ngolev(at)yahoo.com. Thank you…Vera

  • Gregg

    This is a comment for the for the person looking for amazon returns (sorry for the post here but i can’t post in the amazon section comments are closed) liquidation.com does not have an exclusive contract with amazon. The sellers on amazon are individual sellers just like liquidation.com but liquidation.com does. They have there own re-marketers and warehouses liquidation.com and amazon are only selling venues just like ebay. They make money off of fee’s you will not be able to buy goods from liquidation.com unless you use their auction, I know because I have contract with some of their sellers that are owned by liquidation.com.

    This is for the person who is looking to buy from Federated stores “good luck”, you can only buy from the sources that have a contract with them, which is why you will always pay more than you should meaning you as an individual you cannot even if you are a business

  • Gregg

    Here is something I learned along the way to being a broker if you can find out where the product is being made China, Japan, etc,,,, look up info from their you will find the factories, remember you only pay for the brand name goods meaning “trademarks” example “designer” sunglasses these are only designer because they paid for trademarks rights you can buy ” inspired, compare to sunglasses made in the same “factory” as long as they don’t put the brand name on it this is legal

  • Admin

    Hi Gregg, thanks for stopping by with your comments and experience…look forward to hearing from you in the future. Please stick around-

  • Troy

    How do you get a closeout contract with large store such as footlocker? I am work for an importer in South Korea that is switching from a clothing based business to shoes. They are trying to find closeout nikes and want to do it on a larger scale. $1 million worth of shoes imported per month. Is it possible to get a foot in the door with companies like FootLocker to buy their closeouts?

  • I want to become a jobber and I am having a difficult time getting through the door of Macey’s. How can I get to them direct. I have a contact number but it ask for you to leave a message. I also need upscale jewelry. Metal casted pieces.

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