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Small Quantity Wholesale Lots – Closeout Bedding and More…

Are you looking to buy small quantities of wholesale goods like closeout bedding, lamps or homeware items, instead of a truckload or full pallet? This supplier offers small lots of wholesale return and salvage goods to the public. [...]

Liquidation and Closeout Opportunities for Dollar Stores

If you own a dollar store, or are looking to open one, you may wish to enhance your profits by reselling liquidation merchandise as part of your store offerings. Selling closeout goods can help increase your profit margins dramatically and should be given serious consideration as a product source for any dollar store owner.

By [...]

Three Questions You MUST Ask A Potential Supplier

So you’ve found the wholesale source you were looking for, or perhaps you are still deciding between a few sources, attempting to narrow down the potential choices as to who to place your order with. Either way, before you pick up the phone, or take the plastic out of your wallet, here are three questions [...]

Offering Superior Customer Service for Improved Sales

Offering superior customer service is a desirable goal for any wholesale product provider, but why is it that few manage to actually deliver on this promise? Beyond uttering the basic greetings of hello and thank you, there are several customer care tactics that will significantly help your business and your employees produce superior sales performance [...]

Sell Your Liquidation Goods Online By Setting Up An Ecommerce Store

When creating an e-commerce website, you gain the flexibility of offering your products to a much larger audience. Truly though, many who sell liquidation goods are a little timid when it comes to going online – they fear that they have neither the technical know-how to run such an operation and that the costs of [...]

Is This Wholesale Liquidations Supplier Reputable?

While there are many professional and reputable closeout suppliers to be found, unfortunately there are also many unethical wholesale business operators and even downright scammers that you need to be aware of. Therefore, before you make an investment in any kind of wholesale goods, make sure to take these tips into consideration:

The first and [...]