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Wholesale Handbags – How To Tell The Real From The Fake

Despite the fact that there aren’t any laws prohibiting the purchase of fake designer clothes and handbags, it is illegal to deal in the sale of such items. This means that those of you who are looking to resell designer merchandise need to be 100% sure that you are getting the real items. In order [...]

Why You Should Be Selling Your Liquidation Merchandise Online

So you’ve sourced a good deal on some liquidation closeouts (such as shelf pull merchandise, customer returns, overstock, etc) or wholesale products and are now considering the best approach for moving these goods to the end user. You may have considered your local flea market, or perhaps renting some space for a big liquidation sale. [...]

Negotiating When Buying Closeout Merchandise

Locating, purchasing (and, of course, eventually reselling) closeout wholesale merchandise can be a very lucrative business, however the success of an individual or business in doing so is largely dependent on how well the profit margins are maximized. No matter what type of goods you are selling, price negotiations can make the difference between a [...]

Can Sidewalk Vending Move Closeout Products?

All sorts of products have been sold on sidewalks ranging from jackets to fruit. Sometimes these vending stations are semi permanent carts, other times, they are simply vans with the back doors open for displaying their wares. While it may not seem like it at first glance, sidewalk vending can be a very lucrative way [...]

Purchasing Wholesale Closeouts Safely

When engaging in any sort of product purchase it’s imperative to take all possible┬ámeasures in order to facilitate a safe and secure transaction. This is especially true when it comes to purchasing wholesale closeouts as you may often be dealing with companies whom you do not have a prior business relationship with.

The ideal way [...]

Branding Your Wholesale Merchandise

If you were to approach the average American and ask them who Phillip Morris is, they would probably answer “a cigarette maker.” While this is true, what many people don’t realize is that Phillip Morris also produces a variety of other goods. The reason most people are not aware of this is actually quite simple, [...]