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Small Quantity Wholesale Lots – Closeout Bedding and More…

Are you looking to buy small quantities of wholesale goods like closeout bedding, lamps or homeware items, instead of a truckload or full pallet? This supplier offers small lots of wholesale return and salvage goods to the public. [...]

Liquidation and Closeout Opportunities for Dollar Stores

If you own a dollar store, or are looking to open one, you may wish to enhance your profits by reselling liquidation merchandise as part of your store offerings. Selling closeout goods can help increase your profit margins dramatically and should be given serious consideration as a product source for any dollar store owner.

By [...]

B2B Wholesale Closeout Source

I find it truly amazing when I find a new site that is centered around our niche wholesale liquidation merchandise. Last night I was surfing from site to site when I came across a wholesale closeout venue called Closeoutsavailable.com. This website after careful research turns out to be a listing service for those who have [...]

Buying Specific High End Brands

A question was posed a few days ago by email from someone who has some very specific inventory needs. I have addressed his questions below….

I am thinking about exporting shelf pull apparel and designer bags, belts, wallets outside of the USA. I would like this merchandise to be new with tags and I would [...]

What Happened To Surplus.net

One of the net’s oldest industry related websites, Surplus.net, has vanished. Last month this directory of Surplus merchandise dealers disappeared without a notice or warning. Faithful site visitors tried to log on to the site close to the end of September, but were greeted with an unfamiliar page filled with generic links?

I immediately thought [...]

Dollar And Discount Store Pallets

How many of you have been in a grocery or discount store and wandered by what looks to be a pre-assembled pallet of either new or closeout merchandise for sale? The pallets usually have bins or boxes arranged systematically filled with products. Another example would be the dollardays promotions, which seem to be becoming more [...]