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Reselling Insurance Salvaged Merchandise

Have you considered purchasing insurance salvage merchandise? This is inventory that has been involved in some type of insurance claim where a policy holder has been indemnified for a loss. Probably the most recognizable type of insurance salvage would be that of an automobile loss, where a car is involved in an auto accident and [...]

Free Wholesale Liquidation Sources

I have been flipping through the latest edition of Web Wholesaler, which is a magazine centered around wholesale and closeout merchandise for eBay sellers, flea market vendors, exporters and anyone engaged in retailing.

Many of the suppliers found in this magazine are leaders in their prospective field. Over the years I have found distributors for [...]

Customer Returned Video Game pallets

I just brought in small load of wholesale customer returned video games. I am about 3/4′s of the way through the pallet and most of the games seem to be in great shape. Some are missing boxes and instructions, but overall the load looks really good. I have tested roughly half of the load as [...]

Name Brand and Designer Wholesale Shoe Pallets

If you are a faithful reader of our blog, you know I am constantly looking for new sources of below wholesale merchandise with an emphasis on liquidation pricing. I have known about the following source I am about to share with you for sometime. The company is called Shoenet and they are based out of [...]

Wholesale and Liquidation Oil Paintings

I had the unfortunate luck to go shopping with my wife today. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife, but hate any kind of shopping. Anyway, we were at our local mall looking for a present for our son (who is graduating in June) and found that the mall was hosting what they called an [...]

Buying Catalog Clothing Overstocks

If you are tired of dealing with damages from customer returns or even shelf pulls maybe you should look into purchasing catalog overstocks?

What are catalog overstocks?

Major catalog companies continuously have last season’s stock that must be liquidated. Overstocks are considered new and 99% of the time still wrapped in the manufacturers original poly [...]