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Amazon.com Wholesale Customer Returns

Thanks for the great book and the great blog. I have been selling liquidated merchandise full time for a little over a year and I have been dabbling with it a couple of years before that. Like you I have had my ups and downs but I am starting to get on the right track. [...]

How To Find Wholesale Handbags

One of the best ways I come up with topics to write about on this blog is to simply research my analytics account. Don’t worry I am not going to get all technical with you and try to throw around some flashy SEO jargon, but I do want you to know that many of the [...]

General Liability Policy Required Before Purchasing

Another member of our community got in contact with me yesterday as she was reviewing the purchase agreement from a direct contact she was about to make a purchase from. All looked good until she came across the insurance requirement. This particular company required that purchasers of liquidation merchandise have a general liability policy in [...]

Customer Returned Shoes

I have spent a few hours today reviewing a shoe manifest from QVC, which is listed as “Second Quality”. QVC has their own liquidation definitions to describe the condition of inventory being liquidated. Second quality refers “to customer returned products that are eligible for sale through¬†Outlet Stores. This merchandise consists of high quality customer returns [...]

Finding the right wholesaler for your business

Almost three months since they published the acclaimed ¬†video series “Beating the Recession with E-Commerce”, Worldwidebrands.com has received 283 comments asking a multitude of questions about product sourcing and E-Biz startups. People are frantic. People are past the initial stage of worrying about money……..The question everyone asks:

Can a serious income be made online retailing?


Wholesale Handbags – High End Designer – Authentic

Our friend Jana Harris formerly of Bariss Enterprises, LLC in Minneapolis, MN wrote the book on sourcing wholesale handbags. I am not talking about Walmart or JC Penny’s handbags, but rather handbags like Coach, Prada, Todds, Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, Dior and other high end designer bags.

Are you looking for wholesale and below wholesale [...]