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Wholesale Salvage Electronics

What happens to the thousands of electronic customer returns? You know the stereos that have a missing button or the tv with the broken power switch? Mass electronic retailers have a consistent supply of electronics that have been returned for store credit or refunds due to some kind of damage. Are all of the electronics [...]

Selling Refurbished Electronics on eBay

How many of you would like to resell electronics on eBay? I know when I got my start way back when I wanted to sell something I new a little about and had an interest in. I lost the fight to my wife and we started reselling apparel on eBay, but I still keep my [...]

Wholesale Electronics Source Reverse logistics

It is time to become creative in your search for wholesale liquidation electronics. A lot of the stock that liquidators purchase comes direct from the reverse logistics industry. Reverse logistics covers activities related to returned product, returned pallets and containers, and returned materials for disposal or recycling. A segment of this industry also focuses on [...]

Customer Returned HDTV Open Box

I just received an email from my contacts at Liquidation.com advising a huge amount of Open Box LCD TV’s are being auctioned right now. There have been several auctions closing in the $300-400 range for 46″ and larger units! I cannot think of a better way to pick up some fast selling inventory at a [...]

Customer Returned Video Game pallets

I just brought in small load of wholesale customer returned video games. I am about 3/4′s of the way through the pallet and most of the games seem to be in great shape. Some are missing boxes and instructions, but overall the load looks really good. I have tested roughly half of the load as [...]

Manifested Customer Returned Electronic Pallets

How many of you out there have bought a “Blind” pallet of electronics? Blind refers to a load or pallet where the contents are unknown to the buyer. It is simply a gamble on your part. When we are talking about buying inventory for your flea market or eBay business, gambling is not a safe [...]