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Salvage Grocery Store Interview

The following interview took place back in July of 2008 where I sat down with a guy who operates a very successful salvage grocery store about forty minutes from my own home town here in Northern California. He wished to remain anonymous for fear of receiving too many requests for additional information.

How did [...]

Locating Salvage Food Inventory

Salvage food. The wording might invoke a sense of concern for some individuals who might be inclined to save money on their grocery spending, but rest assured, food dating is a misunderstood science. Salvage grocery stores are springing up across the country as the economy is in a state of decline. Those interested in [...]

Salvage Food – How to Open Your Own Store

Have you put thought into opening a salvage food discount store, sometimes referred to as a Banana Box or Scratch & Dent can store? These types of outlets are opening up all over the country due to the sagging economy.

Sharp entrepreneurs are cashing in retailing name brand canned foods and dry consumables at unheard of pricing, [...]