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Purchasing Wholesale Goods From China

It’s no secret that (when done right) business owners can save a significant amount of money and improve profit margins by importing products from Asia, and specifically China. In fact, if you look at the products being sold by almost every major retailer you will see that oftentimes a large percentage of their goods are [...]

Time To Start Importing

Have you thought about importing, but have no clue where to start? I want to introduce you to a website today called Global Sources Direct. Take a look at the following video….

Global Sources gives you, the small or large importer, the ability to find overseas contacts safely. Global Sources has a strict “Verified [...]

Documents used to import merchandise

Importing merchandise can be like learning a foreign language. There are several basic terms you must become familiar with if you decide to import merchandise from another country. 

The most common import / export documents used are:

** Department Stores Liquidate Stock Daily! – Buy Direct **

Trade inquiry-A trade inquiry is a written request by an [...]

Wholesale and Liquidation Oil Paintings

I had the unfortunate luck to go shopping with my wife today. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife, but hate any kind of shopping. Anyway, we were at our local mall looking for a present for our son (who is graduating in June) and found that the mall was hosting what they called an [...]

I cannot Import or can I?

Have you thought about importing a product line or a specific product? Did you know that thousands of ebay Power Sellers are reaping great success from going directly to the manufacturer for sourcing  products at rock bottom pricing?

This website I am about to share with you will give you the powerful tools necessary to connect [...]

Stock Lots High End Apparel – Jeans – Fake or Authorized to Resell?

There has been an ever increasing authenticity issue as it relates to high-end designer branded apparel sweeping the country. The wave of designer “knock Offs” is prevalent through several channels including Ebay, Flea Markets and other venues. Not only does “Fake” apparel hurt the original manufacturer as far as branding, but it also has impacted [...]