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Quicksell – Zaken Corporation Legit? You Decide

Back when I was brokering and warehousing merchandise I would receive at least 1-2 calls a weak from individuals who had bought into the Quicksell / Zaken Corporation. The callers would continuously ask about merchandise I had for sale. I recognized the calls because they all asked the same questions. Every call or inquiry would [...]

Customer Return and Salvage Electronics In-depth Manifest Analysis

Thinking of buying Customer Return and Salvage Electronics to resell on Ebay or your discount Store? Name brand electronic pallets and truckloads are expensive. There are several areas to research before investing thousands of dollars.

Working percentage versus salvage: You are buying salvage merchandise, there is no guarantee that a certain [...]

Stock Lots High End Apparel – Jeans – Fake or Authorized to Resell?

There has been an ever increasing authenticity issue as it relates to high-end designer branded apparel sweeping the country. The wave of designer “knock Offs” is prevalent through several channels including Ebay, Flea Markets and other venues. Not only does “Fake” apparel hurt the original manufacturer as far as branding, but it also has impacted [...]

Another Tool To Investigate Before you Purchase Pallets & Truckloads

Wow, am I really up this late? Oh well…. I wanted to pass on an interesting website you can use to investigate potential liquidators you might be thinking of buying from. The website is called Ripoff Report. I have spent at least 30-40 minutes typing in different closeout and liquidation companies into their database and [...]

Sharing Experiences With Other Closeout Buyers

There is a company up in Seattle Washington that sells liquidation merchandise called Epperson Enterprises. The guys name who runs the show is Shane Epperson. I have known Shane for about 4-5 years , working with him on a few occasions. Shane also operates and moderates a forum called Surplus.cc. This is a fantastic place [...]

Investigating a Liquidation Company

Lets take a moment today to talk about investigating closeout companies or liquidators. The web is filled with closeout companies and liquidators who are selling all kinds of merchandise such as electronics, general merchandise, cosmetics, apparel and a host of other merchandise types. How do we know who is brokering merchandise or actually selling merchandise [...]