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What is Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise

What exactly is wholesale liquidation merchandise? The term liquidation merchandise encompasses several categories of traditionally below wholesale inventory that can be purchased and resold for a large profit. As a small reseller, you now have the opportunity to buy name brand merchandise at unheard of pricing.

But where do you find this liquidation merchandise? You [...]

Buying Manifested Pallets

If you are a new wholesale liquidation buyer you should make sure the pallet or truckload you are about to buy comes with a full manifest. A manifest is simply a written inventory showing you, the buyer, what you are buying. If a pallet or truckload is manifested you will  have a clear indication of [...]

Wholesale Jewelry and Novelties

Where are we going to shine the Spotlight this week? I want to introduce you to a company called WholesaleJewelry.net based out of Bainbridge New York. This is a huge company owned by a fellow named Jerry Conklin. Jerry has been importing jewelry and novelties for years distributing merchandise to small and large resellers across [...]

Buying Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise Direct

Free Wholesale Liquidation Sources

I have been flipping through the latest edition of Web Wholesaler, which is a magazine centered around wholesale and closeout merchandise for eBay sellers, flea market vendors, exporters and anyone engaged in retailing.

Many of the suppliers found in this magazine are leaders in their prospective field. Over the years I have found distributors for [...]

Military Surplus Below Wholesale Liquidation

I know most of you know that in order to make money online you need to be creative. Have you heard the phrase, “find your niche”…..

Successful eBay Power sellers are cleaning up online because they have found a creative niche and a reliable source for inventory. Have you decided on your niche?

What the [...]