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Competing On eBay Selling Shelf Pull Apparel

Currently on eBay there are 25,394 apparel auctions spanning four categories including women’s, men’s, children’s and infant apparel. What will separate you from the other sellers?

There are several factors which will influence a buyer to bid on your ebay auctions. Before you even begin to source merchandise to sell on eBay, you must first become proficient in eBay marketing. If you have spent anytime researching a part or full time income selling on eBay you already know that inventory is just one part of the equation.

If you want to take your eBay business to the next level I encourage you to follow the expert advice of Skip McGrath. Skip is a well known eBay Powerseller (since 1999) who has authored seven books relating to eBay success. In his Complete eBay Marketing System, Skip coaches new and experienced eBay sellers showing various ways to build a profitable eBay business. “Working part-time you can earn extra income for yourself or your family,” McGrath goes on to say “Work full-time and you can build your business into a complete web-based enterprise with an above-average annual income.”

Sourcing Overstocks and Shelf Pull for your auctions

We have all searched through ebay and noticed that some ebay sellers seem to have an incredible inventory of new retail merchandise including BIG Name Brands. Where are the successful ebay sellers getting this merchandise to resell? Most, if not all, ebay powersellers are buying closeout merchandise including overstocks and shelf pulls. Selling on ebay is a competitive sport, if you want to be successful you must be able to buy merchandise far below traditional wholesale pricing. You can accomplish this buy looking for inventory deemed to be categorized as “Closeout Merchandise”.

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