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Holiday Sales Bring Many Retail Returns

Not everyone appreciates that gift aunt Helen purchased in a rush; in fact, hundreds of thousands of Christmas gift recipients are now making their way back to retail stores returning gifts at an alarming rate. It comes as no surprise to large big box retailers as they factor in seasonal returns as a part of their bottom line. But, what really happens to all of the crock pots, train sets and other miscellaneous goodies that are exchanged or returned for store credit?

Some of the items returned are restocked, but most of the retail returned items are sent to a distribution center and liquidated to entrepreneurs who are buying pallets and truckloads of name brand merchandise at a fraction of the original retail and sometimes wholesale value!

Who is really buying wholesale customer returned items?

Ebay Resellers: Type in a brand name next time you visit this auction giant and you will find an endless amount of eBay entrepreneurs who are selling everything from apparel to home décor items. Some of these sellers have discovered the ability to buy wholesale inventory direct from some of the largest nationwide department stores in form of customer returns.

Flea Market Vendors: With little overhead, flea market sellers are buying customer returned pallets and enjoying great success reselling well known brand name items at a fraction of retail pricing.

Brick and Mortar Stores: Small “Mom & Pop” stores are purchasing wholesale pallet returns because having access to name brand merchandise is tough to come by.  Buying wholesale shelf pulled and customer returned items gives the small retailer a way to offer name brand merchandise and the ability to finally compete with the larger retail chains.

What to expect when buying  customer returned pallets:

Pallets of customer returned items will vary in size and product conditions. Some retail returns will merely be open box, while some returns could actually be damaged and/or missing pieces and parts. Pallet sizes will range based upon the size of the merchandise contained, but typically will be 5-7 feet tall. You can expect to find a wide range of pricing when buying pallets of customer returned items from a low of $200 a pallet to a mid-point of about $750.

How to purchase pallets of name brand merchandise:

If you are looking to start an online auction business or maybe open up a flea market booth, you might find a goldmine buying retail returns. Pallets can be purchased from wholesale liquidators who specialize in buying truckloads of this merchandise and reselling in smaller pallet size quantities to those who are involved in some aspect or retail reselling. Google the term “wholesale liquidator” and you will be able to begin your search from the thousands of results!

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