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Delabeling and Reselling Agreements

It takes more than cash to purchase liquidation merchandise. You must agree to the original departments stores’ purchase agreement. This agreement will vary from store to store and you better read and fully understand the agreement you are about to sign!

In this audio post I read through a couple of important paragraphs from a sample agreement. The health and financial success of your business can greatly be affected if you do not adhere to purchase agreements………..take a few minutes to listen and if you have any comments please feel free join in!


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6 comments to Delabeling and Reselling Agreements

  • Hi,
    I really appreciated your voice recording about merchandise from brand name store.

    however we have recently open a clothing store and our customer does not want to pay high prices but want brand name item.

    so plz any advice how should we buy and from where?

    I would appreciate your help.

    Adnan Molani

  • Charles White

    Please send me a copy of the agreement that you talked about in the post. Thanks!

  • Chris

    Adnan, this normally applies to store brands. If you buy a lot from JC Penny for example, you will need to take any labels off that are associated with JC Penny. Other name brands you do not always have to remove.

    Also, many times they will limit items that can be sold on line. Coach is an example of this. If you buy Coach returns, I can almost assure you that you signed an agreement stating you would not sell them on line, or at least the person that bought them from the department store did.

  • Luis Marron

    Hello Robert;
    I’m requesting information on y and n load agreements. I’m just starting out in this business, and I’m trying to gather as much information as I can. Your time and information on this matter is greatly appreciated!

  • nadine

    hi, i am flabbergasted reading this !!! i did not know i needed permission to resell anything ! i thought that as long as i had liscence, i could buy and resell anything!i don’t know what to do now. i have brand name clothes in a store i just opened ( a week ago )i need a copy of whatever agreement it is . please please respond !!! i may need to close my doors for a minute here till i get straight ……

  • yvonne wilson

    what is a voice recording about brand names store, how i got the information i havent read it as yet,i am going to tay up and read it tonight,i want to contunied this information i miss understand, i was looking for a book, now i know,i will keep in touch with you. thanks

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