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Designer Handbag Wholesale Liquidation Shelf Pulls

You will have to forgive me as my head is still spinning….I just spent about 45 minutes viewing closed ebay auctions for Hermes Handbags. I will never complain again when my wife brings home a $16 purse from Walmart!

The following eBay auctions closed with winning bids:

Hermes 35 Vert Olive Brikin Bag  $11,000.00

Hermes Vermillion Red Birkin Chevre $7,600.00

Hermes Kelly 35 Black Box Birkin Bag $7,500.00

Honestly what do you do with a handbag that is worth more than the average four year old automobile? I guess if someone is willing and has the funds….go for it!

Lets get back on track. On occasion a few blog readers here who will email and ask where to buy Louis Vuitton, Hermes and other high, high-end designer labels. Forget about it! I’m not even Italian and I love that line….

There is no such thing as a Louis Vuitton or Hermes outlet, nor do brands as these hold any kind of sale or clearance AT ANY LEVEL. The only way you maintain a high value brand is to overly protect its distribution. Manufacturers will not allow a designer brand floading the secondary retail market. Dispel any dreams of becoming a huge Italian handbag reseller on ebay…

You can however purchase handbags on a liquidation level with name brands such as Dooney & Bourke, Michael Kors, Nine West, Fendi, Gucci, XOXO, Kipling, DKNY, Guess, Kenneth Kole, Liz Claiborne, Ecco, Rampage, Bettysville, Betsey Johnson, Young Attitude, Calvin Klein, Coach, Prada, Steve Madden, Kathy Van Zeeland, Fossil, Lucky Brand, Le Sport Sac, Giani Bernini, Elliott Lucca and others.

I surfed over to Doba.com and noticed a few handbag and purse wholesale lots.  I know of several boutique owners and ebay Power Sellers who are buying high end shelf pull handbags and purses right on Doba.com.

You could also take a look at the Wholesale Designer Handbag Directory for more sources.

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29 comments to Designer Handbag Wholesale Liquidation Shelf Pulls

  • Louise


    I have gone to liquidation.com many times and see all the coach handbags for purchase. Alot of them are selling well below the ticket price on the bag. Where are these people buying all these AUTHENTIC coach bags from? Are they getting them at the outlets? Because all the outlets don’t even have them for that price. I buy from Federated now and have gotten Dooney bags in my lot but never! a coach so where is the wholesale source for these coach bags that they are reselling on liquidation.com? Any help would be appreciated. P.S. where can you buy Victoria Secret bras and panties at wholesale/closeout direct? I know you can get them at via trading etc. But where can you get the direct contract? Thanks in advance.

  • Annette

    Hi there,

    I have purchased a Coach lot on liquidation.com and what I found is that these are purchased from a Coach Factory Store. The price tags show the MFSRP $-amount, the Factory Store $-amount, and then in red ink a hand-written discounted $-amount (which is 40% lower than the MFSRP). Example:
    MFSRP: $128
    Factory: $119
    Final hand-written sale price: $49.99
    Hope this info helps.
    Regards, Annette

  • Louise

    Hi Annette

    Thanks for your help. But from what I see on liquidation.com half of the bags say in a 10 or 20 piece lot are really expensive bags like $300.00 or so. Even at 50% off that is $150.00 and the lots I see are not selling for more then $100.00-$125.00 per bag…so aren’t the sellers losing on these? I am just trying to find a reliable coach seller without having to purchase on liquidation.com. So I should go to an outlet then?

  • caroline

    I don’t think that they buy from coach factory store, have been there I know there prices will make it almost impossible to make profits.
    I will appreciate any imput or information, as am interested too. You could email me privately. thanks

  • Tonya

    Hi Annette,

    I just found your post and this website about 2 minutes ago so, please forgive my just jumping in on your questions but, If you are looking to buy Coach bags to resell then, yes, you should probably go to an outlet. I know just about a week ago, the Coach outlets all over the US were having a huge 50% to 75% off sale on all thier sale items so, bascially, the stuff that was on sale for 50% to 75% off, was already marked down to the factory price then, it was marked down again 20% to 40% then marked down AGAIN… another 50% to 75% so, people were getting bags that retailed for $798 for right around $100 or less.

    This sale didn’t last long but, right now up until the middle of October, if you visit a Coach store within any Tanger outlet center, if you donate $1 to breast cancer awareness then, you will get an additional 20% off the purchase of any item and you can buy up to 5 of these coupons at a time.
    I can tell you that just buying for myself during this sale, I saved over $2000 off factory prices so, if I were to resell, that would have been some pretty good profit.

    I am not a reseller, I just LOVE Coach so, I frequent the outlets to buy for my own personal collection but, I have gotten some GREAT deals at the Coach outlet.

    I would really suggest checking out an outlet. They get new items in once a month, just ask the sales person at the outlet that you visit, the date that specific store gets in new merchandise then, maybe you can go there every month when they get the new stuff in to find the best deals.

    I hope this helps anyone who is reading!

  • Dahlia

    I have visited liquidation.com many times and I have purchase alot of coach bags.Alot of them are selling below ticket price on the bags. where are they buying these AUTHENTIC coach bags from? Any help would be appreciated.Where can I buy children name brand clothing,women name brand clothing and junior name brand clothing at wholesale/closeout or shelf pull. THANK YOU

  • Carm

    I was a frequent buyer from Liquidation.com and purchased many items for my online store. But I am looking to purchase federated merchandise but I am only looking for Fossil merchandise and Ficcare Hair accessories. Both of these Items I have received through liquidation.com they seem to be shelf pulls from Macy’s or Nordstrom.

  • Joy

    I would like to purchase a lot of federated overstock handbags. I can purchase a lot of 519 bags which is 3 pallets/95 cartons. I’m looking for another buyer. I’m located in New York. Anyone interested? Thanks

  • Nick

    Hi Joy, I would be interested in some info on the federated bags you can purchase. Feel free to email me direct.

  • kim

    How do I get in contact with Federated? Is there a website? I searched but came up with a bunch of dead ends.
    thank you

  • mich

    hi joy.

    i would be interested in this too. i am looking for liquidation suppliers and wholesalers, but am not sure which one is really reliable.

    email me =) thanks.

  • Tracy

    Hi, I’m interested in purchasing authentic coach purses without having to bid on them if possible. Where can I go and like the others how can I contact Federated? Please let me know ASAP! Thanks!

  • Paul

    Hello, I will have over 700 federated store stock designer handbags in next two weeks. Brands include, Coach, Dooney, Charles David, Michael Kors, Makowsky, Calvin Klein, Cole-Haan, DKNY, Lucky Brand, etc. Lots are assorted with 10 to 20 bags of variety of brands and styles. Prices are lower than liquidation.com. Local pickups are available in Los Angeles area, or will be shipped UPS ground. Please call or email if you are interested. I will let you know as soon as the lots come in for best selections. Volume discounts are available if you purchase 2 or more lots. Thanks.


  • Deanna Mulder


    I would be interested in knowing the price on your lot of 10 and 12 purses. Also, what is the mix – please let me know how many Coach, Dooney etc. in each lot. Thank you.

  • Jenny

    Hi Im interested in purchasing wholesale federated overstocks from major department stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Saks, Neiman Marcus and so on. Can someone please help me and provide me with some direct contacts. Thanks I’m located in NYC.

  • Jenny

    Did you get in contact with federated? Can you help me out also. Thanks.

  • Wendy

    Hi,Can you please let me know if there is federated overstock website or how to contact them. You can reply to my email address


  • Jason McComas

    I have also come into about 740 pcs of the above mentioned chain’s store stock handbags…im not looking to make a lot on the majority of the bags as that is far too many for my single store to display and effectively sell. Please feel free to contact me if interested.

  • PAm

    did you receive your purses.I am interested
    please contact me

  • Krystina

    Hi. great forum. Can someone let me know how to find overstock federated stores? Is there website?


  • stephanie

    Hi Jason,
    I am interested in your handbags can you please email me with the prices and what type of bags you have

  • Winnie Jackson

    Hi Joy,
    Did you find another buyer. I would be interested in sharing this purchase. I would also like more information on buying federated merchandise. Feel free to email me.

  • Mary Ann


    I have been reading all of your posts. Very helpful. I would be very interested in purchasing handbags like Coach and Dooney directly from Federated. Can someone e-mail me with this information? I really appreciate your time.


  • Morgan


    I have been looking at the lots on liquidation.com and am very curious about Federated merchandise. Can anyone help me find where to get this from. I own a boutique and absolutely want to add Coach/Dooney/Juicy to my stock! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  • shelly

    starting a business offering ONLY AUTHENTIC handbags and accessories in Florida – researching liquidations – would like to have a variety of high end bags…any websites know would be much appreciated – I know liquidators don’t necessarily have websites which are easy to fine – thanks so much for any help- trying to help my 2 kids through college!!

  • You Wish

    OMG…you wish someone would post info for federated! Why would anyone share that info? Besides….Federated only sells handbags via auctions. You sound like morons stating that you are starting a business selling only authentic handbags BUT you don’t even know where to buy them! LOL….you will be out of business really quick! If it was that easy…everyone would be doing it! Get a clue!

  • Summer

    Wow, You Wish, could you be any bigger of a jerk?
    So, these people have hopes and dreams and would like a helping hand…
    you’re just mean and should stay away from forums!

  • Jeanann Sanders

    Would anyone be willing to give me some information on this federated merchandise? I have been trying to find liquidators and am not really having any luck. I have went to liquidators.com and am kinda on the fence about them. Any info would be greatly appreciated! You can respond to my email address given. Thanks!

  • admin

    Sure, what State are you located in? What kind of Federated merchandise…apparel / shoes?