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Dropshiping gives you the ability to sell a wide range of inventory without the need to warehouse a single product! You simply advertise your merchandise through various marketing methods and when a product is ordered, your fulfillment supplier (dropshipper) handles the merchandise delivery. Dropshipping merchandise can be a very lucrative alternative for those who do not have the upfront capital to purchase and warehouse goods. Lets take a close look at how drop shipping works by looking at the formula:

  1. Your customer buys an item from your webstore or eBay auction
  2. You take the funds from the purchase and buy the product from your dropship supplier
  3. Your dropship supplier then ships the item to your customer.
  4. Viola! Your profit is the difference between the sale price of your item and your dropshippers charge!

Your supplier will ship the products for you! Your supplier will ship the products for you!

Finding a Dropshipper for your business

The key to setting up a dropshipping business is simply finding the right dropshipper that not only offers fast shipping, but also low wholesale pricing. There are tens of thousands of wholesale suppliers that will dropship directly to your customer, but finding them can be a daunting task. Many wholesale dropshippers do not actively advertise on the internet and finding manufacturers that dropship….is even harder.

I am going to recommend a company called Doba to solve your endless search for wholesalers and manufacturers to dropship products to your eBay auction winners and your E-commerce customers. Doba instantly offers hundreds of suppliers to stock your virtual inventory. Problem solved.

Doba does not warehouse any product. Doba creates relationships with wholesale suppliers and manufacturers all over the United States that agree to drop ship products. Because of Doba’s large member base, they are able to work with some of the largest and best wholesalers in the nation. Many of these manufacturers would be extremely difficult for most small and home-based businesses to work with, but Doba provides the services that allow you to work with them instantly.

Drop ship with Doba
Sign up for the NEW 14 Day Free Trial from Doba! You can check out Doba’s dropshipping database on a risk free 14 day trial. You will need a few days just to review all of the products and pricing to make sure you will be able to realize a profit. If within 14 days you are unhappy with supplier selection or any of Doba’s features….you simply cancel your trial membership and move on. It is as simple as that!


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