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Bitten By The Liquidation Bug

Hi there, I’m sooo pleased with my purchase, I really like the way your guide is written as I really hate reading lol! My name is Casey and I currently reside in Australia.

I am thinking of starting off small with cosmetics to sell online and at flea markets and possibly on trademe.co.nz for New Zealand customers (they pay through the roof for everything there). I know makeup will sell and it will be easy to ship since they’re light. Since I am a woman I know a lot about makeup lol!

I’m not sure where I should source the product from Australia or America? I am still in the research stages so any input, suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Is it wise to start off with cosmetics? My plan is to start off small and make enough money for a buffer and to research brokering and dropshipping further.

I also have an idea of having liquidation sales (like you say in your book) in New Zealand as like I said they pay through the roof for everything as there’s no competition there and I know the place like the back of my hand as well as my father having a lot of business contacts.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Hi Casey!

Forgive me for saying this, but I think you have the fever that bit my wife and I some years ago. I can tell you are excited about the prospect of starting your own business reselling liquidation merchandise. It is invigorating at the very prospect of being in charge of your financial future, huh? Starting a business from home can be exciting, I remember when my wife and I took the plunge some years ago.

Having said that, I want to make sure you do not make the same mistakes I did and get a little too excited. I went in many directions and as a result, I spread myself too thin. My first suggestion is to simply decide where you want to start. Will you start with online sales and if you do will it be through an auction format like eBay or will you start your own e-commerce store? As you stated in your email…start slow and if you get one piece of advice from my guide or my emails – make a business plan and stick to it. Doors will open up for you as you gain success and growth will happen in your business if you stay focused.

If you intend to resell small items (as you mentioned makeup) you could import wholesale lots from the US. Try a few test orders before you make a large purchase to get a feel for customs, time in transit and merchandise quality. As far as buying authentic name brands there is plenty of information online through Youtube and guides that have been written on eBay to help you learn how to spot fake products. Be careful in this area as there are a ton of fake brands like Mac, Clinique, Bobby Brown, Smashbox etc. Use Google to research fake cosmetics by typing different search terms including: Fake, Knockoff, Authentic and other search terms.

Casey, I want you to stay in contact with us. Please make sure to email further questions and let us know how your business is progressing. I would love to hear about what direction you have decided to start with. I am glad you found value in our guide, make sure to check out and investigate some of the suppliers we have given you. Take care and good luck!

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