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Mission Possible – Find the Liquidation Source

How can you sit at your kitchen table in some small town and know if the liquidator you are about to wire $2000 to actually owns the inventory they are about to sell you? Good question, huh? I have explained, in detail, how so many liquidators are just advertising merchandise that they do not own, only to buy when you make a purchase! Can you find product sources and skip the middleman? I always felt very intelligent when I would find a brokers’ source. Made me feel like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible…although I am much taller than Tom, thank God.

All kidding aside, you too can become a detective and today I want to reveal another way I can “sniff out” product sources. This technique will cost you about $3-5 dollars, but the results can be priceless in the form of saved time and money!

Go to a website called CopyscapeCopyscape offer the ability for you and I to check a website or even a block of text for plagiarism. You see most Brokers and dropshippers will actually “cut and paste” product descriptions into there own websites right from their source! You can use Copyscape to find duplicate product descriptions. I have an example that I will share with you, in fact, click the link below and a new window will pop up with a PDF file. This PDF file will reveal three different websites qcabusinessdirectory(dot)com – Viatrading(dot)com and c2wholesale(dot)com. All three websites are offering the same liquidation product: Assorted Game Boy Games.

Here is the example file

In this example Via is the source for this merchandise, while the other two companies are simply taking your money and then ordering from Via. Once they place the order they have Via ship to your door. I do not know about you, but I would rather buy from the source.

How did I find these three websites? Well, I found the product that I thought was a reasonable deal and then went to Copyscape and pasted some content in to the content box. I then hit search and it returned several different websites that had the same content listed – G47 – BINGO!

Now this tool comes with a cost…..you have to pay one nickel per search. I think you I funded my Copyscape account back a year ago with $5 and I am still searching to this day. In this circumstance a nickel per search goes along way. Copyscape offers the ability to search for free by putting a web address/url into its search box, but you really need a premium account to get good results. A premium account allows you to enter a block of text to search for duplicates or plagiarized content.

Will this sneaky trick work every time? No, but it has worked for me and I have found many actual product sources for liquidation merchandise with this technique. I will give you one hint though…when searching using a block of text use obscure content you find in a product listing. Look back at my PDF file and you will see each listing has the following sentence: Great variety of popular game titles and approximate breakdown….Copyscape was able to find several pages that used this combination of words.

Elementary my dear Watson!

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