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Five trusted sources for shelf pull, closeouts and general wholesale products

The internet is at times can be flooded with wholesale closeout companies. Knowing who to trust and where to buy are common questions which we receive all the time. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of my five trusted sources for shelf pull, closeouts and general wholesale products. I have first hand knowledge of the following sources and have bought thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from the following companies.

Via Trading (877)-202-3616 Via Trading sells customer returns and overstocked merchandise in several categories. I have purchased at least 30-40 pallets of high end apparel without one problem.

Concord Enterprises (800)960-0896. Concord offers major department store closeouts and first quality wholesale merchandise is distributed from a half a million square foot Los Angeles, CA warehouse. They sell closeouts which are palletized and packed via mixed categories, usual 2 to 4 (i.e. Stationary & toys).

Four Seasons General Merchandise (877)446-4746. In 1984 two friends, Bruce Gabbai and John Pourmoradi, decided to pull their resources and talents together to form a new business. Bruce at that time was involved with his growing import business, while John on the other hand had his own successful retail discount store. Gabbai and Pourmoradi both saw a need to establish a general merchandise wholesaler/distributor niche that would cater to just about everyone who sells something. From dollar stores, 99 cent stores, discount stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, supermarkets, drug stores, distributors, dollar item suppliers, wholesale dollar stores, international importers to gift shops, and even charities. And thus Four Seasons General Merchandise was born.

American Merchandise Liquidators (866)479-1100. American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc. is a solid bricks-and-mortar, ten-year plus company, contracted and trusted nationwide to move millions of dollars in distressed merchandise. They sell a variety of quality merchandise at below wholesale prices, and have one of the largest inventories in the business.

General Surplus (916)983-8257 You never know what merchandise will be available at General Surplus, from apparel to general merchandise pallets. What stays consistent is the customer service and honest advice when it comes to purchasing customer returns and closeout merchandise. Out of all the liquidators on the internet I have spent between $100,000 – $200,000.00 buying from Brian Serena at General Surplus. Give him a call and see what is available.

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  • Hello, any questions can be emailed to qwekelly@hotmail.com

  • admin

    Hello, nyrepub2000. I removed your link because the very Ebay store you are trying to recommend…is owned by you.

    Would it not be better to to just say, “We can offer you XXX” instead of saying..”I had some great dealings with them…”

    You are the very reason why Brokers have a bad name. You are welcome on this blog at anytime. Please offer all comments, but always be honest.

  • Ronald

    Nice, thank you

    Also you can find the best marketplace for wholesale toys by visiting sourcingmap.com

  • Stan Schachter

    I have tons of new excess merchandise from an ebay business I shut down after 11 years. About 60 large (16″x16″) boxes, but I do not have access to a big truck. Approximately $20,000 in general merchandise I would sell for $1,000.
    Any suggestions ?

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