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Getting To Know your Wholesale Liquidator!

How do you know what company to buy from? The Internet is a non-stop source for continuous wholesale liquidation offers. I am a strong advocate for buying your wholesale merchandise from the direct source skipping the “Middleman” at all costs.

Having said that, here are a couple of reasons why buying from a wholesale liquidator might make sense for your business:

  1. Sometimes the “Direct Source” might be a third party liquidation company who owns an exclusive contract for re-distribution of closeouts and shelf pull merchandise from a particular retailer. So, for example, Jacobs Trading is the contracted liquidator for Walmart and Sam’s Club liquidation merchandise. If you want to buy returns from these two stores…You must go through Jacobs.
  2. Large, reputable liquidation companies will buy in huge quantities and then turn around and resell to you in smaller quantities. Let me explain: Not everyone can afford large initial purchases when starting a new business. Buying from a trusted liquidator allows you to make a smaller purchase to “Test the Waters” before investing in truckload quantities

The old adage, “If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is” should be closely followed in the world of wholesale liquidation merchandise. With a click of a mouse anyone can view countless websites offering endless amounts of wholesale merchandise for your new or existing retail business. There are several steps you can take to research liquidation companies before you make that first purchase. The worksheet below should be used as a guide to evaluate Internet wholesale companies who you are thinking of buying from. Please note the suggested steps will not guarantee a successful transaction. We have a list of questions you should pose and a suggested method of researching “public” knowledge, which will aid in your decision process. Obviously, if you learn how to “harvest” adverse company information you can then become more informed before offering your credit card for that initial purchase!

Remember, spending time researching a company can potentially save you thousands of dollars! Our worksheet is just a starting point, you should continue investigating and to be 100% safe I recommend you visit the company (in person) you are going to buy from. Spending $300 – $500 on plane ticket will certainly be a wise investment.

Investigating Worksheet

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