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How I make Money Selling Closeouts

Wow, is all I can say. I personally have spent countless hours surfing the net, talking with people and doing my best to respond to the emails that this blog has created. A little background about about myself…Back in 2001 I worked for a very large Pest Control firm in Northern California. I was a branch or territory manager. I had job security and made a good living. Long story short -after working for this company for 9 years I walked into work one day to find out that the owner of the company had sold the business to a large state wide chain. My office, staff and more critical…my pay was on the line.

I felt as though I was owed an explanation as to why this had to be “Kept Secret”. I was an integral part of upper management. Why did I not know about this huge change? I really felt betrayed. I made a decision at that point to “Walk”. I literally walked as I had a company vehicle.

I walked out of my office and proceeded to “walk” home. I never felt so free. Ever.

I made it home (I only lived three blocks away, but it does sound dramatic) and literally started surfing the internet and came across information relating to liquidation merchandise. I started reading and studying. I am not kidding when I say I was online all day long. It was not uncommon to sit at my computer from 7 in the morning until 11 at night. Just ask my wife.

I started a company called RLC Trading. I brokered merchandise from my bedroom Literally. That first year my gross receipts came out to $235,000.00. My wife and I were very excited to say the least. We started actually buying pallets and in fact filled out home and garage with merchandise. We were taking advantage of our children in the fact that they served as our Jr employees who would help pack and get shipments ready for the next day.

We found that the house became too small. We moved into a 700 square foot office that we also used as a mini warehouse. That lasted about 4 months and we had to expand to 1600 square feet. I am sure you know what happened next. Yes, too small. We move from that location to a 22oo square foot warehouse.

All in all we brokered merchandise, warehoused merchandise and retailed merchandise. Successfully. I love this industry and I love helping people succeed. Hence this blog.

I would love to hear your stories. How did you start? What are you selling? What is your biggest challenge in selling closeouts? Do you sell on Ebay or do you have a store? What liquidators have you bought from? Do you have information that someone else (Our Blog readers) could find useful or valuable?

Tell us you story. Please email any photos you have of your store or loads that you have bought to our email address. I would love to post some of your stories here on our blog to encourage some of our readers who might be “Just Starting Out”. I look forward to hearing from you. I am available at anytime for questions. Are you looking for a good supplier or maybe information about buying “direct”. Just ask.

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