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Brokering Wholesale Pallet Merchandise

Another great email from an individual who is about to start their own business brokering pallets and truckloads of merchandise. I am always willing to answer questions to those who send emails. Lets get right into the email that I received yesterday:

Comment & Question: I thought your Guide was great, I found it to be very helpful on how to get started in the Wholesale Liquidation business. I have almost finished all of the things I need in place to start being a liquidation broker. When you started being a broker did it take a long time to build your business?

Answer: Thanks for the compliment, I am glad you found the information helpful! When we got started in the business we kind of fell into the brokering and dropshipping part of our business and I say this because we were not trying to head into that direction. It just happened. Our intent was to sell on eBay and possibly open up a retail store. If you have read some of my other posts about our start back in 2001 / 2002 you will remember that our venture into brokering came about because of a few fraudulent purchases we made.

Both my wife and I thought there might be room for an honest liquidation broker since there were so many out there who were only interested in conducting business in an unethical manor. We started to make some contacts in the industry and were very careful when we selected a company to broker for.

Once we had a few suppliers on our side, we created a website and the orders started coming in. We used eBay as a means for advertising our website and eventually joined TheImasd.com. There were a few other wholesale directories that we used for advertising, all of which our in our guide. We made sure that every order that we processed was monitored from start to finish. We were interested in our customer’s satisfaction and because of this we earned repeat business.

Keep me posted as to your success in starting your own liquidation brokering business; make sure to offer excellent customer service and you will enjoy the success my wife and I have had!

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2 comments to Brokering Wholesale Pallet Merchandise

  • Paula Larouche

    I work for Costco Wholesale in our one of our CT locations. We are looking to sell pallets of products. Where should I start?

  • Admin

    Well, I think the comment you left is a start; I am certain someone will be in contact with you. I know many Costco that have set up agreements with local liquidators to take all returns as they become available. What percentage are you willing to sell your customer returns and about how many pallets would you have available every week?

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