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Investigating a Closeout Company

How do I know I am buying from the source? Savvy internet users who spend enough time surfing the web will be able to pickup various clues as to the origin of merchandise. I know I visit many true wholesale liquidation websites daily to review current inventory. Sometimes pictures will give clues as to whether or not a particular company owns the merchandise or not. Let me elaborate….Some companies will take pictures in the same manor each time with a ruler next to the item to give the consumer an idea or an items size. Look at the two pictures below, the picture with the beige background is a company called HJ Closeouts. They are an actual stocking warehouse for hundreds of closeout items. They are located in Franklin Park, IL.

The other picture shows the same item, in fact the other website where this photo was found also used a similar product description. This other website DollarDays is brokering HJ’s merchandise.

Item Page on HJ’s Website

Now view the same item on the DollarDays website.

Why is this important to know? Well at the source you will pay less. If you are looking at a particular item to purchase it might be worth spending a few minutes “Googling” that items title or description. Googling is a term which means searching the web for information. Just take an items title or description and paste it into your search engine of choice. Hit search and see what comes up. You may be surprised at what you find. With a little investigation work you might just find your item cheaper and have the ability to “Skip” the middleman.

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