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Investigating a Closeout – Liquidator Part 2

How many times have you found a closeout or liquidation company and decided to click on the “contact us” tab and found that there is no address listed? Just a phone number? Why would a legitimate business not have the company’s address on their website? What if I want to visit this company…where do I go? How do I find them?

This is frustrating. I would venture to say that most closeout or liquidation websites who do not list their address are trying to hide behind “The Magic Curtain”. Or, in other words…they do not want you to know where they are located. Maybe the company is run out of an apartment? Maybe the sales guy you are talking to about your $5,000 purchase is sitting at the kitchen table in his pajamas.

One tool you can use on the web is a Domain look-up which might offer address and name details. For example….we surfed our browser over to Network Solutions who offers a free domain search tool. This tool will allow you to enter any domain (web Address) like palletsmart.com and find out who the registrant is, the administrative contact & technical contact for that web address. Sometimes you will get a name and address along with an email and phone number. This tool will give you another tool to investigate a company before buying your merchandise.

We performed this search on Palletsmart and came up with the following information:

Registrant: Pallets Mart
P.O. Box 6721 Los Alamos, NM 87544
US 1-800-567-2835

Administrative Contact: Love, Budy sales@palletsmart.com
P.O. Box 6721 Los Alamos, NM 87544
US 1-800-567-2835

Technical Contact: Love, Budy
P.O. Box 6721 Los Alamos, NM 87544 US 1-800-567-2835
The search did not give us a physical address, but we do have a PO Box which is better than nothing. Also it looks as though Buddy Love is the administrative and technical contact for this web address. Is this a coincidence? I thought Buddy Love was a “Made-up” fictional character from the Eddie Murphy movie, “The Nutty Professor”. I do not think I would buy a pallet or truckload of merchandise from Buddy Love, but hey it is up to you.

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