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Liquidation and Closeout Opportunities for Dollar Stores

If you own a dollar store, or are looking to open one, you may wish to enhance your profits by reselling liquidation merchandise as part of your store offerings. Selling closeout goods can help increase your profit margins dramatically and should be given serious consideration as a product source for any dollar store owner.

By purchasing shelf-pull or overstock items, you will be able to offer items that are not generally found in other dollar stores. This is a truly great angle that you can use to differentiate your business, and get people shopping at your location and spreading the word!

While you may not be able to consistently offer the same selection of liquidation merchandise, you can help build a reputation for your store as a place that has limited time offers on discounted goods that cannot be found so affordably anywhere else. It’s a great way to get people to keep coming to your store, checking to see what you’ll offer next. Also, as is typical in dollar stores, once you have them through the door, they’re likely to find something relevant to them and buy it.

This approach also provides a great opportunity for generating big profits by purchasing liquidation seasonal goods off-season, and then keeping them until the market is hot again. Purchasing small seasonal items that will not cost much in storage is a way to try this out if you are on a smaller budget. For example, many Christmas ornaments/decorations that are not large in size can be bought cheaply after the Christmas season and held until next November when they will be popular again. This is of course true for items geared towards Halloween, Valentines Day and basically any holiday that the mainstream public decorates or buys goods for.

Also, you can purchase general below wholesale dollar store merchandise through a variety of closeout companies as well. There are several mentioned in our guide, The Liquidators Guide.

Of course, if you’re purchasing items for a dollar store, you have to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting, as people will expect their goods to be in good condition. Stay away from salvage goods, and stick to overstocks, shelf pulls and other good quality closeouts. Communicate with your source so that you know exactly what to expect. As always, you may want to consider a few small purchases until you trust that the goods you will be receiving are of the nature you require.

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