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Name Brand and Designer Wholesale Shoe Pallets

If you are a faithful reader of our blog, you know I am constantly looking for new sources of below wholesale merchandise with an emphasis on liquidation pricing. I have known about the following source I am about to share with you for sometime. The company is called Shoenet and they are based out of New York.

Shoenet offers a wide selection of branded and non-branded shoes for retail stores, eBay sellers and exporters. Before diving fully into this website, please visit the “New Buyers” web page to checkout information about first time purchases and shipping options. Shoenet distributes a wide variety of shoes from the casual flip flops to career and dressy styles. There is also a large selection of athletic and tennis shoes available.

Not only can you chose to buy cased packed shoes in original manufacturer sizing, but you also have the ability to chose by individual style as Shoenet offers a complete description of each inventory item.

Shoenet also sells higher end designer shelf pull shoes by the pallet offering a complete manifest (inventory breakdown) of each lot available. In reviewing current pallets I noted shoes are sold ranging from a low of $11 per pair up to $17, which is competitive with other liquidation offers I have come across while researching shelf pull shoe pallets.

Name brand shoe pallets

Wholesale Pallets currently available through Shoenet offer brands like Coach, Michael Kors, Kensie, Steve Madden, Nine West, Jessica Simpson, Skechers, Converse, Casadei, Rocket Dog, Kenneth Cole and others.

If you are an exporter, Shoenet advertises the ability to assemble 20-40 foot containers of new shoes in several price points.

Please complete your due diligence research before buying from this wholesaler / liquidator. I have no first hand experience buying from Shoenet, but they look to be a formidable source for small and large lots of shoes. If you have purchased from this company, please offer feedback in the comment section of this post.

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  • Carlos Cantu

    Hi, I sell at fela Markets and am interested in buying some shoes, like mike, puma, reebok, etc. Please if you can send me a list of products and prices very interested.


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