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Quicksell – Zaken Corporation Legit? You Decide

Back when I was brokering and warehousing merchandise I would receive at least 1-2 calls a weak from individuals who had bought into the Quicksell / Zaken Corporation. The callers would continuously ask about merchandise I had for sale. I recognized the calls because they all asked the same questions. Every call or inquiry would [...]

Quicksell – Zaken Corporation Legit? You Decide

21 comments to Quicksell – Zaken Corporation Legit? You Decide

  • Robert, I tried the links but couldn’t read them. (My stupid WebTV would only put up half the vertical page for me, and I have no side-to-side scrolling ability.)

    But, yes, these “programs” are almost always scams.

    You seem to be right on the inside of all this stuff–the place to be. How you benefit from helping future competitors, I don’t quite follow. But, whatever turns you on…

  • Admin

    My story can be found Here.
    I do not sell or broker anymore. I do have a handful of exporters that I work with ongoing.

  • Teresa Uriarte

    I ordered quiksell in May 2008 and have sent in lots and lots of deals,with pics,samples were sent and etc. I never hear back from them,they are very slow if and when they do answer back. And they do not do as they claim. I paid $174 for quiksell kit and its a month and half later and no word on any deals or samples . I never hear back from them at all now. They keep samples and do not return them either. I am very disapointed and turned them in TO BBB. I think they should refund my money as well as pay me for my time and effort and the embarrasement they put me through. Its very bad when we have to tell merchants that we dont hear back after they sent samples. It cause us to also have a bad name. I’m Steaming mAD. If anyone knows of how to get into the class action lawsuit against them let me know.

  • Maggie

    I just purchased the Quick Sell package and haven’t paid for it yet because of a 30 day guarantee package. After reading all the negatives about the Zaken Corp./Quick Sell, I don’t even know if I want to continue the program even with a 30 day trial.

  • JW

    Zaken is NOT a scam. I’ve been acting as their closeout locator for 5 months now and i can tell you they do care about your success. I am making money with this company.

  • Lovely

    JW is a scammer himself. Among all the pages I’ve seen, he’s the ONLY one saying that Zaken isn’t a scam. It is. I have insider info. These people will rip your heart off and leave you bleeding.Don’t fall into the trap. Save your precious dollars and go for something real.

  • I don’t know what made me go to Zaken Corp on the internet, but I’m glad I did. I have been dealing with them about 2 months now and have’nt made a dime yet. It was hard finding suppliers of merchandise at first, and I got connected with alibaba.com which opened a lot of opportunities. However, from the leads I received through them, 2 were rejected. I received emails from zaken indicating the the sellers supplied insuffucient information which was rejected. These two were legitimite excusses, but the other three I have not received a reply. It is very hard tryingto get in touch with Zaken over the phone. Even during business hours, it’s hard to get through. I have a deal right here in my home town, it would take me every bit of 10 min to drive to the location. This company did every thing right. Right quantity, right asking price, right description of merchandise, etc.
    I called last week, on the 15th to be exact, and I too haven’t heard from them. I want to know the status of these submissions. If they are not on the up and up, well I invested $174.00 for the course information, and another $295.00 for the website, I also want to know what course of action I can take and with whom. I have invested a lot of midnight oil seeking leads for this company, and It would dissapoint me to no end to have wasted all this time for nothing. I was initially contacted by mail. Since joining, I have spent over $ 200.00 in postage, letters,envelopes,ink
    and all that adiminstrative stuff you go through to send out letters. My thing is this.Why do they continue to send soliciation
    to continue to buy post cards, other programs, if the one you are using isn’t working like they say it would. I’m not a quitter,and I’ve got toomuch invested to quit. My other only concern is the customers who are willing to go through with deals. If you have any information
    which would be helpful to sort of make up my mind to continue with them, please let me know. Also if you have any question you would like to ask me, please let me know. My phone is
    443-253-2764, and I’m in Glen Burnie, MD 21061

  • veronica smith

    Hi Teresa. My name is veronica and I’m an associate of the zaken corp. I purchased the course 2 months ago and have 3 deals in pending decision. I’ve been waiting to hear from them in the mean time my customers are calling and calling asking when are they going to get paid. So I decided to go to the web page and email them my questions and I saw these sites taking about a scam I’m crying now.

  • veronica smith

    Hi Teresa. My name is veronica and I’m an associate of the zaken corp. I purchased the course 2 months ago and have 3 deals in pending decision. I’ve been waiting to hear from them in the mean time my customers are calling and calling asking when are they going to get paid. So I decided to go to the web page and email them my questions and I saw these sites taking about a scam I’m crying now. I pray to god that this will not happen to me. I’ve invested alot of time and money $174 to be exact. I’m scared now because my fiance already thought it was a scam. I just pray to god for that notion not to be true. But if so, then yes I would definately like to begin a class action suit. Especially for the emotional damages.

  • Hello my name is Ruth,
    has any body made any money with Zaken Corp, or Quick Sell,or Magic Kids all are part of Zaken corp? I just got my package of information to start to work with this company,Have not found one person that has made money and posted there number or
    Email. rdb1218@aol.com

  • Tim

    I lost money from them also and I understand that there is a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against The Zaken Corporation. Right now I keep calling their number 800 530-6174 to jam their lines and cost them money for long distnace. Maybe we could all do the same to keep others from their scam? If enough of us did this it would make a tremendous costly impact on them.

  • Hi,
    Saw your post…am a brand new “sucker” for this opportunity.. have a website and will try to make a go of it…What if anything can you share that might help me? Thanks so much!!!
    Gary M

  • Sara L

    I am glad I have not sent off for the business kit offered by Zaken. I decided to ask my friends for input so I showed them the ad and they said if it is too good to be true it probably is. I tried Magic Kids and didn’t make a dime. That money you send for the start up kit is only a lure to try and get to spend hundreds of dollars for directories, marketing materials,catalogs,etc. The only people making money in these programs are the people operating them.

  • Arnette

    Somebody point me in the direction of the “Class Action Suit” against the Zaken Corporation Please….

  • Darlene Garza

    Yup they got me too. I bought into everything they had, sent samples and orders, not a dam thing sold. They took me for over 4000$ dummy me. I too am looking for the class action suit. ty for your help

  • Mario V

    I was almost ready to make the purchase but because of my previous endeavors at other crap on the internet I am glad I hestitated. We all get so excited about making some extra money and maybe paying some bills off. These people and companies offer such a wonderful marketing plan and show all these people that make money and it is the same old same old. I know you can make money on the internet and big money but I have a concious and not ready to rip people off and shatter their hopes and dreams. After a few attempts at these businesses no wonder people become spitful and cautious of every opportunity that comes along. I will believe when I see it and that means talking and meeting and seeing a person who actually does this business and has the money and pay checks to prove it.
    My hopes were getting high but after reading so many of the comments we are back to square one except this time still have my money in my pocket. As usual I will keep on dreaming and keep a look out but very skeptical. It is true what they say if it is to good to be true then most likely that it’s correct.
    Had to vent but I feel really bad for the people that spent their money and spent a lot of time. Believe me I have been there more than once and it is very frustrating.

  • Sandra H

    Thank you for this information, I was just getting ready to make the dreaded decision, when I came upon this website. I just called the number on the marketing material which is a call center, the Sales Floor manager would not give me their customer service number, he said that number was for customers only, I directly asked him if there was any hidden cost..Oh I assure you that there are not. Now, I work in a call center have been here over 8 years .. I know the drill…’be one of the first 100 customers and I will work with you one on one.’ That is a marketing action call, which in most cases is a lie, do the math, if there are over 1000 agents, and every agent says the same thing, how many potential customers will respond. These people operate off of a ratio of responds to the call to action. The red flag went up when he told me that only people that are customers are privy to the customer service number. When in reality the customer service number is for customers and the public to answer questions about the product. I already knew this was a scam…thanks for verifying it!

  • Bill A. Y.

    Thnx for all the comments, I was about to send a check to get the kit….now I know better

  • Paul "The Bling" Cullen

    I was about to contact them via a spin-off company of theirs:QuickSell Associate with the website: jealiquidations.com. I own a high-end home furnishings store and used to have a very large website selling decorative lighting online; started back in 1995. Anyway, I have a store full of display pieces, some of which still remain in their original packaging! Was going to have them buy the store’s inventory of lighting,furniture, pottery, rugs, copperware, hand made jewelery, and so very much more. Problem no one is buying anything and high-end has been hit the hardest. I tried to go to their site but it isn’t there. Got suspicous and wound up here. Glad I did. Thanks to all who took the time to write…

  • Anne

    I looked on Ripp-off.com didn’t find alot of negative feed back about this company…

  • Martha

    Has anyone gotten their money refunded? I put in so much work and effort and met wonderful people who wanted to sell their merchandise, and Zaken dropped the ball every time. The customer service is horrible with no desire to help or explain anything to you. I was busy fostering client relationships thinking the Zaken Corp would jump on what I was sending them (BTW EVERYTHING was on their “hot list” the Zaken Corp provides, and all the pricing was what the Quiksell package specified). I did everything I was told to do in the package, and I never sold anything. I worked diligently for months. I am heartbroken because I was so hopeful. I want in on this lawsuit. That company should be shut down. They have taken advantage of people that are willing to work hard (which turns out to be for nothing) and provide better lives for their families. The Zaken Corp should be ashamed.

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