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Goldmine Discovered Reselling Salvage Food

Similar in concept to the day old bread stores, salvage dented can stores are opening up nationwide offering incredible deals on the same name brand food items that we are all used to buying [at full price] from the dreaded big box grocery stores. Lower food costs found at salvage grocery stores offer budget minded shoppers the chance to save money in our tight economy, while salvage grocery resellers are experiencing tremendous growth in their business.

What is a Salvage Grocery Store?

A Salvage food store is simply a smaller grocery store where the bulk of the inventory is sourced from a reclamation centers. A grocery reclamation center collects shipments of box-damaged, expiring or distressed food (and non-food) items from large grocery chains like Safeway, Raleys, Walmart, Krogers etc. The job of the reclamation center is to try and recover as much capital as possible from distressed inventory.

  • Grocery items with major damage including large dents, opened inner packaging, leaking and no product labels are simply thrown away.
  • Grocery items with minor denting, damaged packaging, odd lots and near dating are placed onto pallets and resold at liquidation pricing to salvage food retailers.

Large chain stores have strict procedures in place for reselling food which is near-dated (close to the manufacturers sell by date) and items that have already expired. Big Box chain stores will occasionally try to liquidate near-dated products in house, but often this job is left for the reclamation center.

Near-dated and expired grocery items, for the most part, retain edibility and consumers who have done their homework understand this concept. This would explain the long lines outside the salvage grocery store!

Salvage retailers buy pallets and truckloads of groceries directly from reclamation centers or by using a food Broker.  Loads are often referred to as banana boxed groceries because distressed stock is loaded into recycled banana boxes at the reclamation center for re-distribution.

The average pallet of salvage food will contain 24 banana boxes filled with assorted items. Presently, as a reseller, you can expect to pay a flat price per banana box of $8-14 or purchase loads based upon a percentage of original wholesale cost. Supply and demand will always dictate current pricing and you should understand that loads sell very quickly!

Reselling salvage groceries might be the niche you are looking for. People must have food to sustain life….why not purchase grocery items from you at a drastically discounted rate?

Here are a few of the larger salvage Banana Box suppliers:

Damage Recovery Systems, Inc
31 Robinson St
Pottstown, PA 94664-6439

1822 Park Avenue
New Holstein, Wisconsin 53061

ReStoreIt LLC
4075 Windgap Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15204-1007

Lucky’s Bargain Barn
10938 Highway 58
Georgetown, TN 37336-4094

Grocery Traders
1347 IL Highway
Carmi, IL 62821

Troyer’s Market, Inc
891 W 300 S,
Berne, IN 46711 USA

GDC Commodities Exchange
4603 North Brawley #104
Fresno, CA 93722

Additionally, if you are looking for more suppliers as well as a complete guide to setting up and operating a salvage food store, you may want to check out the book (which you can read online), titled “How To Open A Salvage Grocery Store”.

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  • Alfred Rains

    we are interested in buying these types of gorceries , can you tell me where to go in west-central ,mo? You can e-mail us anytime.

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