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Small Quantity Wholesale Lots – Closeout Bedding and More…

Are you looking to buy small quantities of wholesale goods like closeout bedding, lamps or homeware items, instead of a truckload or full pallet?

If so, one of our readers has recommended Great Lakes Auction Consignment, based in Michigan. Molly said that she has found them a better source for merchandise than liquidation.com, and that she particularly likes the ability to buy smaller quantities than an entire pallet.

And I’m guessing that she likes the way Great Lakes Auction Consignment classifies lots into new, returned or damaged items … if her comment that she doesn’t want to buy a whole pallet of damaged coffee makers is anything to go by!

I haven’t used this company myself, but I’m always on the lookout for sources of wholesale goods to share. So I thought I would check out what they offer and summarise some of it on this page to save you some time and research effort. As always, please do your own due diligence and review of any supplier. Great Lakes Auction Consignment (from now on, I’ll refer to them as GLAC) encourages potential buyers to visit or call them, which I think is a good sign.

So here’s what I found out:

  • All auctions start at a penny and have no reserve.
  • the company sells store returns and shelf pulls from major retailers
  • The catalogue for the current weekly auction is available online. I noticed that this week’s auction has a wide variety of merchandise, but includes quite a few lots of returned and closeout bedding (sheet sets, pillows, blankets, comforter sets and airbeds) and lamps. There’s also sporting goods, electronics, toys and aquarium supplies … I’ve listed a sample of the lots currently available at the end of this page so you can get a quick idea of the type of goods available.
  • Bids can be made online or in person.
  • The company prefers that goods are collected in person as a local pick-up. Buyers outside the state of Michigan can arrange to have items shipped through PakMail
  • Goods are classified as new, returned or damaged, with definitions of each category on the GLAC website. The company warns that damaged goods are for experienced buyers only, as some items may not be repairable. Buying only new goods obviously overcomes this problem. However, you may remember that in the past we’ve advised that returned items can sometimes be better … at least you know it wasn’t some dreadfully unpopular product that didn’t sell … with returned goods, a customer somewhere wanted it enough to buy it in the first place!
  • GLAC sells wholesale quantity lots to the public, so you don’t need to be a licenced wholesale buyer to participate in their auctions. You just need a valid credit card for bidding approval.

Great Lakes Auction Consignment seems like a good source for small lots of merchandise. They do sell pallets and truckloads of returned and salvaged merchandise too, if you want to buy in bulk.

This Week’s Auction

(closing in 3 days)

Here’s a list of a few of the lots available for sale in this week’s auction by Great Lakes Auction Consignment to give you a flavor of what’s available without having to review the entire auction yourself.

(Tip: I find it useful to print out auction catalogs so that I can quickly circle items I’m interested in … and then go back to the online catalogue for a closer look at any photos etc. Copying and pasting into a Word document and then editing can also be a good way to narrow down the list if you are only interested in sporting goods or bedding or some other category of item).

I said there was some return and closeout bedding this week, like the following lots:

Lot# 3068G High Bid: $11.00
Returned Bed And Bath. Quantity 17. Mainstays Jumbo Pillow, 13 Sheet Sets, Plush Pillow, Wool Blanket.

Lot# 3640H High Bid: $4.25
Returned Memory Foam Pillow. Return label stated “site to store transfer”. Item does appear to have been opened.

Lot# 3644H High Bid: $8.50
Returned Ozark Trail Queen Airbed Kit. Package Damage. Functionality Unknown.

Lot# 3646H High Bid: $1.25
Returned Better Homes And Gardens Tufted Full Comforter Set. Open Box Item.

Other sample lots available include:

Lot# 3069G High Bid: $6.50
Automotive Returns. Quantity 27. 5 Motor Car Seat Massage Cushion. Beaded Car Seat Massage Cusion, Exhaust Cover, Mechanix Wear Gloves, Oil Filter, Car Cup Holders, And Other Assorted Automotive Items.

Lot# 3065G High Bid: $0.25
General Merchandise Returns. Quantity 10. Lot Inludes Allerease Allergy And Asthma Durable Pillow Protector, (50) 12″ Disposable Decorating Bags, Flatware Set, All In One Adapter Plug, International Converter Set, large Dog Harness, Coffee Thermos, Digital Luggage Scale, 20″ Expandable Duffle Bag, And Hanging Storage Pouch.

Lot# 2745C High Bid: $17.00

Home Office Returns. Quantity 13. MSRP $381.87. Table Lamp (7) $29.99, Floor Lamp (2) $49.99, Floor Lamp (2) $29.99, Lamp Shades (2) $5.99.

Lot# 2741B High Bid: $6.50
Kitchen Returns. Quantity 5. MSRP $182.96. Spin Mop $29.99, Black And Decker Coffee Maker $43.00, Mainstays 18 Piece Cookware Set $49.99, 12 Piece Dinnerware Set $29.99, 12 Piece Glass Coolers $29.99.

Lot# 2651F High Bid: $7.50
Sporting Goods Returns. Quantity 6. MSRP $141.72
Golds Gym 10 Pound Pair Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights (2) $24.99, 40 Pound Vinyl Dumbell Set %59.99, Dumbell Handle $9.99, Wrist/Forearm Developer $14.99, 5 Pound Neoprene Dumbell $6.77.

Lot# 2654A High Bid: $0.25
Electronics Returns. Quantity 11. MSRP $246.89
Body Glove Smooth Case For Droid Incredible $29.99, ONN Universal Romote (4) 19.99, Plantronics M100 Bluetooth Headset $69.99, Trexta Ipod Touch Basketball Case $29.99, Ifrogz Earpollution Plugz $19.99, Belkin 6 Foot USB 2.0 Printer Cable (2) $4.99, Belkin 10 Foot USB 2.0 Printer Cable $6.99.

For more details, please visit www.greatlakeauctionconsignment.com. As the company recommends, please be sure to view definitions of New, Returns, And Damaged before bidding.

Good luck, and I’d love to hear about any reader experiences with this company.

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