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WAHM Forum Discussion

The following post reviews a thread my wife was involved in from a forum called WAHM (Work at Home Mom). This is a great forum with thousands of posts about making money from home. My wife’s user ID on this forum is “Mrswahm” and you can read the entire thread by visiting this link.

In [...]

Shelf Pull Apparel Photos and Source

One of our faithful blog readers stays in contact every few weeks asking questions and sharing her experience. She has purchased our guide and found a few sources to get her business up and running.

I received an email from her last week and she told me that she had made two purchases on Liquidation.combuying [...]

Competing On eBay Selling Shelf Pull Apparel

Currently on eBay there are 25,394 apparel auctions spanning four categories including women’s, men’s, children’s and infant apparel. What will separate you from the other sellers?

There are several factors which will influence a buyer to bid on your ebay auctions. Before you even begin to source merchandise to sell on eBay, you must [...]

Gottschalks Another Big Box Bites The Dust

In reading the paper today it looks as though Fresno based big box retailer Gottschalks will face the same ending as Circuit City…Liquidation. It looks as though the winning bid for this chain came from a group of Heavy hitting liquidators including SB Capital Group LLC, Great American Group LLC, Tiger Capital Group LLC and [...]

Buying below wholesale – liquidation auctions

One of the best ways to source wholesale liquidation merchandise is simply to name your price. You set your maximum bid and sit back. If you win the pallet or wholesale lot at your chosen price you are ahead of the game.

Of course I am talking about leveraging the power of online auctions. There [...]

How To liquidate Inventory

I have spent hundreds of hours explaining how to find closeout merchandise, but today I thought it would be wise to give you a source for selling excess and surplus merchandise. Maybe you are a retailer that has slow moving inventory? Do you have a need to liquidate a large quantity of merchandise?

Liquidation.com [...]