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Diversify reselling channels for profitability

Diversity is the key to success. How many times have you heard that phrase?  Most notably used when investing for your future, the old adage, “don’t place all of your eggs in one basket” rings true when reselling wholesale liquidation merchandise.

Buying and reselling wholesale liquidation merchandise can be a daunting task because quantities are [...]

Dropshipping Does Work – Get The Facts

By now you have probably heard numerous success stories about people who have started businesses on eBay. Most of us hear these stories and think one of two things; “that must be nice” or “there is no way that is possible.” The fact is that it is possible to generate a considerable amount of profit [...]

Selling Closeout Merchandise on Amazon.com

Many of our dedicated followers here at The Closeout Industry sell merchandise through several different channels, Ebay being one of the platforms. If you have read through this blog you will recall on several occasions that I have recomended being creative when selling closeouts and diversifying sales channels. I know the most successful closeout merchandise [...]