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Diversify reselling channels for profitability

Diversity is the key to success. How many times have you heard that phrase?  Most notably used when investing for your future, the old adage, “don’t place all of your eggs in one basket” rings true when reselling wholesale liquidation merchandise.

Buying and reselling wholesale liquidation merchandise can be a daunting task because quantities are [...]

B2B Buffet Of Wholesale Information

Most of you who are reading this article are involved in some aspect of product sourcing, reselling or maybe you are looking to start a business in the near future? Researching and staying connected with relevant B2B information should become one of your daily habits and, if you are like me, finding time to do [...]

Learn How to Broker Liquidation Merchandise

Yeah, you have heard this before: Are you ready to make some real money in a real business? What do most think of when they hear this…Scam, right?

Here is what made me successful, dropshipping or Brokering liquidation merchandise. Call it what you want, but brokering pallets and truckloads allowed me to quit my [...]

Free Merchandise to Resell on eBay

I want to stray away from wholesale liquidation merchandise for one blog post. Here is the deal: I found a website where you can get FREE inventory to resell on eBay. I know what you are thinking…yeah free right. But wait…there is absolutely no catch! You do not have to buy anything or sign up [...]

Why I excell in my business

I have been involved in the procurement of liquidation merchandise for the last 8-10 years. I have to admit that I was personally late jumping on the whole computer and internet wave. In fact, my first internet connected PC was purchased back in the year 2000!

I can tell you without hesitation that my [...]