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B2B Wholesale Closeout Source

I find it truly amazing when I find a new site that is centered around our niche wholesale liquidation merchandise. Last night I was surfing from site to site when I came across a wholesale closeout venue called Closeoutsavailable.com. This website after careful research turns out to be a listing service for those who have [...]

Wholesale Liquidation Supplier Video

Surfing the net looking for wholesale products can be tiresome to say the least. Take some time to watch a video I made showing some of the few wholesale liquidation companies I buy from for my business. I will share a few of my favorite suppliers in this ten minute video….

The Liquidators Guide! [...]

Wholesale Shelf Pull Clothing

Successful eBay resellers are purchasing pallets of name brand apparel from retailers such as JC Penneys, Sears, Kohl’s and other department stores at drastically reduced pricing. Often referred to as NWTS or New With Tags, this apparel has a great resell value because of the famous name brands found in lots or pallet quantities.

Everyone [...]

WAHM Forum Discussion

The following post reviews a thread my wife was involved in from a forum called WAHM (Work at Home Mom). This is a great forum with thousands of posts about making money from home. My wife’s user ID on this forum is “Mrswahm” and you can read the entire thread by visiting this link.

In [...]

Wholesale Liquidation Update Surplus.net

We have talked about the Surplus.net website being down for sometime and the frustration this has caused many of you who use this resource to find wholesale liquidation merchandise. Well, the directory is back using a new url TheImasd.com, but to my disappointment the look is the same. I was really hopping they would take [...]

Dollar And Discount Store Pallets

How many of you have been in a grocery or discount store and wandered by what looks to be a pre-assembled pallet of either new or closeout merchandise for sale? The pallets usually have bins or boxes arranged systematically filled with products. Another example would be the dollardays promotions, which seem to be becoming more [...]