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Wholesale Electronics Source Reverse logistics

It is time to become creative in your search for wholesale liquidation electronics. A lot of the stock that liquidators purchase comes direct from the reverse logistics industry. Reverse logistics covers activities related to returned product, returned pallets and containers, and returned materials for disposal or recycling. A segment of this industry also focuses on [...]

Business Opportunity Liquidation Locater

I live up in the northern most part of Maine, bordering New Brunswick, Canada. I just bought your book, The Liquidators Guide, and it is excellent. Thank you very much. I only wish I had found you several months ago.

Here is where I am in this whole thing… I bought into a product locater [...]

Get Started Reselling Salvage Food

What happens to those grocery items which are nearing an expiration date? How about those boxed grocery item that are somehow damaged in transit on their way to your local big-box grocery store? Most people never see behind the curtain of grocery retailing. Millions of dollars of grocery items are rounded up daily and [...]

Brokering Wholesale Pallet Merchandise

Another great email from an individual who is about to start their own business brokering pallets and truckloads of merchandise. I am always willing to answer questions to those who send emails. Lets get right into the email that I received yesterday:

Comment & Question: I thought your Guide was great, I found it to [...]

Mission Possible – Find the Liquidation Source

How can you sit at your kitchen table in some small town and know if the liquidator you are about to wire $2000 to actually owns the inventory they are about to sell you? Good question, huh? I have explained, in detail, how so many liquidators are just advertising merchandise that they do not own, [...]

Planning For Success With a Liquidation Business

Due to the continued unemployment facing our nation many people are looking for other ways to make some extra money to pay the bills, which unfortunately continue to come in each month. The liquidation industry offers a unique opportunity to do just that, as there is an overabundance of merchandise to resell and a constant [...]