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Wholesale Liquidation Supplier Video

Surfing the net looking for wholesale products can be tiresome to say the least. Take some time to watch a video I made showing some of the few wholesale liquidation companies I buy from for my business. I will share a few of my favorite suppliers in this ten minute video….

The Liquidators Guide! [...]

Salvage Food Business Start Up

Based upon a need to provide affordable groceries within a dim economy, salvage food retailers are coming to the rescue for many American families. Small stores are opening up in cities and towns near you, offering near-dated and distressed packaged name brand food at unheard of pricing.

Those entrepreneurs looking to fill this need are [...]

Business Opportunity Liquidation Locater

I live up in the northern most part of Maine, bordering New Brunswick, Canada. I just bought your book, The Liquidators Guide, and it is excellent. Thank you very much. I only wish I had found you several months ago.

Here is where I am in this whole thing… I bought into a product locater [...]

Holiday Sales Bring Many Retail Returns

Not everyone appreciates that gift aunt Helen purchased in a rush; in fact, hundreds of thousands of Christmas gift recipients are now making their way back to retail stores returning gifts at an alarming rate. It comes as no surprise to large big box retailers as they factor in seasonal returns as a part of [...]

Brokering Wholesale Pallet Merchandise

Another great email from an individual who is about to start their own business brokering pallets and truckloads of merchandise. I am always willing to answer questions to those who send emails. Lets get right into the email that I received yesterday:

Comment & Question: I thought your Guide was great, I found it to [...]

Take Advice From A Successful eBay Seller

I want you to take a good look at this eBay seller today, her name is Diana and she is an eBay Power seller who has created a system for sourcing and reselling products online. She maintains several eBay ID’s including $diana$

You have heard of the phrase “follow the leader” right? Well, if someone [...]