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Three Questions You MUST Ask A Potential Supplier

So you’ve found the wholesale source you were looking for, or perhaps you are still deciding between a few sources, attempting to narrow down the potential choices as to who to place your order with. Either way, before you pick up the phone, or take the plastic out of your wallet, here are three questions [...]

How to Purchase Retail Catalog Overstocks

Catalog retailers liquidate millions of dollars of unsold merchandise every year. You can purchase this inventory at incredible pricing, but you must be willing to negotiate and take large quantities of merchandise.

In this audio post I will share my first experience buying from a catalog company. I have provided an outline below if you [...]

Getting Ready for Another Clothing Liquidation

We are having one of apparel liquidation sales this next weekend and to prepare I have purchased 7 pallets of customer returned and shelf pull apparel and apparel accessories. I bought 3 pallets of Softgoods from Sears, which is a combination of store brand apparel, handbags, small gift items and usually a few domestic items [...]

Selling Closeout Merchandise on Amazon.com

Many of our dedicated followers here at The Closeout Industry sell merchandise through several different channels, Ebay being one of the platforms. If you have read through this blog you will recall on several occasions that I have recomended being creative when selling closeouts and diversifying sales channels. I know the most successful closeout merchandise [...]

Selling your first Pallet of closeout merchandise at a Garage or Yard Sale

I would venture to say that a lot of readers here are researching a liquidation or closeout company to buy from with the hopes of making a first initial purchase. It really does not matter if you are planning to buy a pallet or a small lot of general merchandise, electronics or [...]

Selling Closeouts on Ebay


If you are ready to start an eBay business your more than likely trying to decide what to sell. You have many choices, ranging from used clothing lying around the house to brand new products from a local distributor.

While selling used products will give you a high profit margin you will [...]