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Wholesale Mens High End Clothing

While checking emails this last week I came across a question from Vic who is looking for wholesale mens clothing. Vic has found his niche and is now looking for further sources for inventory. Read through his question and then scroll down and listen to my audio answer. I have also included a few links [...]

Shelf Pull Apparel Photos and Source

One of our faithful blog readers stays in contact every few weeks asking questions and sharing her experience. She has purchased our guide and found a few sources to get her business up and running.

I received an email from her last week and she told me that she had made two purchases on Liquidation.combuying [...]

Shelf Pull Apparel Small and Large Quantities

Are you looking to resell apparel on eBay? How about name brand clothing with the tags still attached? I am referring to a category of liquidation merchandise called shelf pull apparel. As a reseller you can buy clothing in small and large lots of mixed brands and sizes from some of our nations largest department [...]

Off-Price Apparel Suppliers Fit the Niche

Success with eBay selling comes from a drive to find reliable and unique sources for merchandise. The key word in the last sentence is “sources” with an “s”. I know some very successful eBay sellers who are using several suppliers to keep their eBay Stores stocked with below retail merchandise.

The internet is filled with [...]

Shelf Pull Clothing Making Your First Purchase

Are you looking to make a shelf pull apparel purchase for your store or perhaps for your eBay business? Will this be your first purchase? Shelf pull apparel for the most part is clothing that was on the retail sales floor of stores like JC Penneys, Walmart, Sears, Macy’s and did not sell.

Most shelf [...]

What is and how to find Shelf Pull apparel -

Shelf Pull Apparel = clothing that was originally on the retailers’ rack and did not sell for various reasons.  Most of the time the clothing has been through several “Retail Markdowns” and if it did not sell it gets placed into a large pallet and then sent to the liquidation department. This is where you, [...]