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Wholesale Salvage Electronics

What happens to the thousands of electronic customer returns? You know the stereos that have a missing button or the tv with the broken power switch? Mass electronic retailers have a consistent supply of electronics that have been returned for store credit or refunds due to some kind of damage. Are all of the electronics [...]

Wholesale Handbag Shelf Pulls

Probably the most sought after liquidation category happens to be handbags. Resellers on eBay as well as online e-commerce sellers are continuously searching for an authentic source for designer and name brand handbags. With so many fake and knock-off purses on the wholesale market its very hard to find a true wholesale source. Authentic handbags [...]

Wholesale Electronics Source Reverse logistics

It is time to become creative in your search for wholesale liquidation electronics. A lot of the stock that liquidators purchase comes direct from the reverse logistics industry. Reverse logistics covers activities related to returned product, returned pallets and containers, and returned materials for disposal or recycling. A segment of this industry also focuses on [...]

Amazon.com Wholesale Customer Returns

Thanks for the great book and the great blog. I have been selling liquidated merchandise full time for a little over a year and I have been dabbling with it a couple of years before that. Like you I have had my ups and downs but I am starting to get on the right track. [...]

Holiday Sales Bring Many Retail Returns

Not everyone appreciates that gift aunt Helen purchased in a rush; in fact, hundreds of thousands of Christmas gift recipients are now making their way back to retail stores returning gifts at an alarming rate. It comes as no surprise to large big box retailers as they factor in seasonal returns as a part of [...]

Wholesale Tools By The Pallet

One of my favorite wholesale pallet loads to purchase comes from a store called Orchard Supply Hardware. This is a regional retail home improvement store much like Home Depot or Lowes.

I am sure you have heard people proclaim that you should resell what you are passionate about and as a guy tools and hardware [...]