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Mission Possible – Find the Liquidation Source

How can you sit at your kitchen table in some small town and know if the liquidator you are about to wire $2000 to actually owns the inventory they are about to sell you? Good question, huh? I have explained, in detail, how so many liquidators are just advertising merchandise that they do not own, [...]

Direct Liquidation Source Sealy Mattresses

Are you a truckload buyer of closeout and liquidation mattresses? Have you been buying mattresses from a Broker? The Closeout Industry has the direct source for Sealy brand mattresses which will give you the opportunity to pay the lowest price possible for wholesale bedding.

Now you will have access to factory truckloads of Sealy bedding. [...]

Buy Below Wholesale – Electronics from Circuit City Direct – Pallets & Truckloads!

I started reviewing all of my direct contacts for Closeout and surplus merchandise and then I hear today that both Circuit City and Blockbuster are all over the news. Apparently the Blockbuster corporation has set it sights on acquiring the chain electronics store. I guess due to the competition from Netflix and other online video [...]