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Holiday Sales Bring Many Retail Returns

Not everyone appreciates that gift aunt Helen purchased in a rush; in fact, hundreds of thousands of Christmas gift recipients are now making their way back to retail stores returning gifts at an alarming rate. It comes as no surprise to large big box retailers as they factor in seasonal returns as a part of [...]

Get Started Reselling Salvage Food

What happens to those grocery items which are nearing an expiration date? How about those boxed grocery item that are somehow damaged in transit on their way to your local big-box grocery store? Most people never see behind the curtain of grocery retailing. Millions of dollars of grocery items are rounded up daily and [...]

What Happens To A Customer Returned Item

We are obsessed with buying stuff; a trip to the local Walmart will always include staple items, but we also end up purchasing merchandise on impulse. Don’t worry…we all do it on occasion. Sometimes this extra merchandise is justified and we’re glad to have finally broke down and bought that George Foreman grille, but what [...]

What to buy customer returns or shelf pulls?

Do you like to gamble, I do. It can be very exciting. My game of choice is roulette. I love sitting at the table with a pre-determined amount of money I have decided I can “gamble” with. I get caught up in the conversation with other players and, of course a few drinks. If my [...]

Military Surplus Below Wholesale Liquidation

I know most of you know that in order to make money online you need to be creative. Have you heard the phrase, “find your niche”…..

Successful eBay Power sellers are cleaning up online because they have found a creative niche and a reliable source for inventory. Have you decided on your niche?

What the [...]

Another Auction Site For Liquidations

Way back when I started this blog I introduced you to a website called SalvageSale.com. I think it is time to revisit this auction venue especially if you are looking for unique items to resell. Now before everyone gets excited I must tell you that this website primarily auctions large construction equipment, industrial machinery and [...]