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Selling At Flea Markets

This blog is not just about sourcing closeout inventory but it also explores different venues in which to sell such goods to the end user. One such venue to consider, with a sustained track record of decades, is flea markets. In this post we’ll explore flea markets as a good place for selling products.

First [...]

Starting a Flea Market Business

My name is Jason and I live in Tn. I, like many people, recently lost my job and have begun to try my hand at this liquidation business. I have purchased from Warehouse One in Crossville and visited Lucky-Dollar as well as All Star Wholesalers.

Warehouse One charged me $1,200 for a Rite-Aid pallet! I [...]

Making Money With Closeouts – Terminology Review

It has been a long weekend and I thought it might be time to do a little review….I use many different terms on the blog and we should  go over a few again….(Oh by the way…tomorrow I have a great source for children’s Name Brand Apparel – Stay Tuned!)

Bulk – Items that [...]