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Researching Liquidation.com Sellers

I have several questions to answer from a blog reader who purchased our guide this past week. Heather was kind enough to email and ask several very detailed questions and I am going to address each question in a blog post. Please read through the question below and scroll down for my audio response. I [...]

Below Wholesale Ed Hardy Apparel

Christian Audigier who has designed and marketed the famous Von Dutch apparel line acquired a license back in 2004 to produce the Ed Hardy clothing collection. The apparel is distributed on a very limited basis and initially only marketed to celebrities and those with considerable money and/or status. In my opinion, I think the the [...]

Getting To Know your Wholesale Liquidator!

How do you know what company to buy from? The Internet is a non-stop source for continuous wholesale liquidation offers. I am a strong advocate for buying your wholesale merchandise from the direct source skipping the “Middleman” at all costs.

Having said that, here are a couple of reasons why buying from a wholesale liquidator [...]