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Being Creative With Wholesale Merchandise

While my little “Pip Squeak” was out with my wife last night Trick or Treating, I settled down to read a few emails and came across this one from Tracy. She is talking specifically about how to resell a lot of apparel she purchased from Doba.com.

“Robert …..I originally was thinking farmer’s markets and garage [...]

How to Purchase Retail Catalog Overstocks

Catalog retailers liquidate millions of dollars of unsold merchandise every year. You can purchase this inventory at incredible pricing, but you must be willing to negotiate and take large quantities of merchandise.

In this audio post I will share my first experience buying from a catalog company. I have provided an outline below if you [...]

Planning For Success With a Liquidation Business

Due to the continued unemployment facing our nation many people are looking for other ways to make some extra money to pay the bills, which unfortunately continue to come in each month. The liquidation industry offers a unique opportunity to do just that, as there is an overabundance of merchandise to resell and a constant [...]

Shelf Pull Apparel Small and Large Quantities

Are you looking to resell apparel on eBay? How about name brand clothing with the tags still attached? I am referring to a category of liquidation merchandise called shelf pull apparel. As a reseller you can buy clothing in small and large lots of mixed brands and sizes from some of our nations largest department [...]

Buying Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise Direct

Salvage Grocery Store Interview

The following interview took place back in July of 2008 where I sat down with a guy who operates a very successful salvage grocery store about forty minutes from my own home town here in Northern California. He wished to remain anonymous for fear of receiving too many requests for additional information.

How did [...]