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B2B Wholesale Closeout Source

I find it truly amazing when I find a new site that is centered around our niche wholesale liquidation merchandise. Last night I was surfing from site to site when I came across a wholesale closeout venue called Closeoutsavailable.com. This website after careful research turns out to be a listing service for those who have [...]

Wholesale Liquidation Supplier Video

Surfing the net looking for wholesale products can be tiresome to say the least. Take some time to watch a video I made showing some of the few wholesale liquidation companies I buy from for my business. I will share a few of my favorite suppliers in this ten minute video….

The Liquidators Guide! [...]

Buying Manifested Pallets

If you are a new wholesale liquidation buyer you should make sure the pallet or truckload you are about to buy comes with a full manifest. A manifest is simply a written inventory showing you, the buyer, what you are buying. If a pallet or truckload is manifested you will  have a clear indication of [...]

Selling Refurbished Electronics on eBay

How many of you would like to resell electronics on eBay? I know when I got my start way back when I wanted to sell something I new a little about and had an interest in. I lost the fight to my wife and we started reselling apparel on eBay, but I still keep my [...]

Purchasing Factory Closeouts

Another question from a faithful community member writes:

Dear Robert,

I met a guy other day who is involved in closeout business from china, India, Bangladesh etc. He told me he gets all closeout offers from different countries. He was reluctant to give away the information,which is understandable. Can you please guide me as to [...]

Reselling Insurance Salvaged Merchandise

Have you considered purchasing insurance salvage merchandise? This is inventory that has been involved in some type of insurance claim where a policy holder has been indemnified for a loss. Probably the most recognizable type of insurance salvage would be that of an automobile loss, where a car is involved in an auto accident and [...]