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Retail Profits By Creating Urgency and Impulse

I have just finished reading “The Liquidators Guide” for the second time. It was very informative and covered all aspects of the liquidation business. Book knowledge is great, but nothing beats actual experience which is my next step. In today’s economy people are looking for bargains more than ever and liquidation merchandise fits the [...]

Sears Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise

Today I received an email from Alma who is new to purchasing wholesale pallets of merchandise. Alma has a question about reselling restrictions:

“I’m new to the liquidation business,  I am opening up a store, in which I have purchased a few pallets,  Can you tell me if I can leave the Original tags on. [...]

Customer Returned HDTV Open Box

I just received an email from my contacts at Liquidation.com advising a huge amount of Open Box LCD TV’s are being auctioned right now. There have been several auctions closing in the $300-400 range for 46″ and larger units! I cannot think of a better way to pick up some fast selling inventory at a [...]

What Happens To A Customer Returned Item

We are obsessed with buying stuff; a trip to the local Walmart will always include staple items, but we also end up purchasing merchandise on impulse. Don’t worry…we all do it on occasion. Sometimes this extra merchandise is justified and we’re glad to have finally broke down and bought that George Foreman grille, but what [...]

Shelf Pull Apparel Small and Large Quantities

Are you looking to resell apparel on eBay? How about name brand clothing with the tags still attached? I am referring to a category of liquidation merchandise called shelf pull apparel. As a reseller you can buy clothing in small and large lots of mixed brands and sizes from some of our nations largest department [...]

Buying Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise Direct