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Researching Liquidation.com Sellers

I have several questions to answer from a blog reader who purchased our guide this past week. Heather was kind enough to email and ask several very detailed questions and I am going to address each question in a blog post. Please read through the question below and scroll down for my audio response. I [...]

Shelf Pull Clothing Making Your First Purchase

Are you looking to make a shelf pull apparel purchase for your store or perhaps for your eBay business? Will this be your first purchase? Shelf pull apparel for the most part is clothing that was on the retail sales floor of stores like JC Penneys, Walmart, Sears, Macy’s and did not sell.

Most shelf [...]

Liquidation Secret – Shelf Pulls, Our Source For Profit

One way we resell liquidation merchandise is through what we call, “Event Sales”. We buy customer returns and shelf pull merchandise and advertise a one day warehouse sale where we are flooded with customers wishing to purchase merchandise at a deep discount.

We have held these types of event sales for years and have never [...]

Liquidation.com – Below Wholesale Auction Giant



No matter what type of closeout merchandise you are looking for at Liquidation.com there are hundreds of Retailers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Public Sector Agencies, Wholesalers, Financial Institutions, Reverse Logistic Companies and Depot Repair Companies auctioning off closeouts, surplus, customer returns and salvage merchandise daily.

** Department Stores Liquidate Stock Daily! – Buy [...]