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Customer Returned HDTV Open Box

I just received an email from my contacts at Liquidation.com advising a huge amount of Open Box LCD TV’s are being auctioned right now. There have been several auctions closing in the $300-400 range for 46″ and larger units! I cannot think of a better way to pick up some fast selling inventory at a [...]

How to Purchase Retail Catalog Overstocks

Catalog retailers liquidate millions of dollars of unsold merchandise every year. You can purchase this inventory at incredible pricing, but you must be willing to negotiate and take large quantities of merchandise.

In this audio post I will share my first experience buying from a catalog company. I have provided an outline below if you [...]

Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise is not for the Meek

Do you have a weak stomach? If so, purchasing liquidation merchandise, specifically un-manifested merchandise, might not be the smartest move for your business. This warning reminds me of the signs posted at the front of the roller coaster lines, which proclaim you must be of a certain height to step onto the ride…..

What is [...]

Buying Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise Direct

What to buy customer returns or shelf pulls?

Do you like to gamble, I do. It can be very exciting. My game of choice is roulette. I love sitting at the table with a pre-determined amount of money I have decided I can “gamble” with. I get caught up in the conversation with other players and, of course a few drinks. If my [...]

Pallets of Children’s Car Seats, High Chairs & Strollers

One reader emailed yesterday asking a few questions and offering a great compliment in reference to our book, Wholesale Liquidations Exposed. I am going to address one of her specific questions today with this blog post. I would also encourage you to respond to this post if you have any information about today’s topic. Having said that, lets move [...]